'True Blood' Recap: Violent Vamps and Jesus Camps (Page 2/4)
'True Blood' Recap: Violent Vamps and Jesus Camps (Page 2/4)
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Bill and Sookie enjoy some post-coital small talk about how they don't want to become one of those couples that's always fighting, breaking up, and getting back together.  For examples, see Meredith and McDreamy, Ross and Rachel, and every single other couple in television history.  Sookie wants Bill to go easy on Jessica

To prove his new dedication to his charge, Bill goes to the mall to buy clothes for Jessica.  A lady tries to help him, but Bill doesn't approve of the slutty clothing options available.  She flirts with him and notices how cold his skin is, which allows him to say, "I am vampire."  As it seems to be for most women, this is a huge turn-on so she immediately invites him back to the dressing rooms for some fangbanging. 

Just then Eric shows up with his new, short hair wearing a plush sweatsuit that makes him look positively scrumptious.  Bill also likes the new look, and the lady finally realizes she was barking up the wrong tree, assuming these two are lovers.  The two discuss the missing Godric and Eric wants to take Sookie to Dallas to read minds and find out took the missing vampire sheriff.  Bill refuses, but all I can think of is how short he is compared to Eric.

With Bill away, Sookie and Jessica get a chance to bond.  Since Sookie is a big softie, she agrees to take Jessica to see her parents.  This also lets us in on another thing about vampires - they cry blood.  They drive to Jessica's old house, and before Sookie can stop her, Jessica idiotically runs up to say hi to her mom and sister.

Things go from bad to worse when the mom invites Jessica and Sookie in.  There's no real way out of this, but that was Jessica's plan all along.  Now that she's a strong vampire, she doesn't have to be afraid of her dad's belt anymore.  She vamps out to defend herself.  She ends the cycle to protect her little sister by taking her dad's belt and using it to choke him.

Before she can choke her own dad to death, Bill busts down the door and commands Jessica to let him go.  He needs to be invited in, so he glamors Jessica's little sister into inviting him in.  He throws Sookie out and goes to work fixing the mess she made.

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