'Top Chef DC' Does Room Service
'Top Chef DC' Does Room Service
Let's take a look at some of last night's dishes and play a game. The name of the game is "Would You Order It?" The chefs created dishes to be put on the Hilton hotel menus to go or to eat in. I assume it's a step above your average motel's complimentary breakfast of stale bagels, tiny cartons of milk, and a plastic box of Raisin Bran. So, let's play "Would You Order It?"

Dish #1: Ed and Alex's Breakfast: Prosciutto Potato Cake, Egg with Lemon Pancake, Bellini Cocktail
TCDC breakfast1.jpg
Would You Order It? Only if I was dining in and could ensure that everything made it onto the plate (AHEM). Also, it looks like it would be messy to go.

Dish #2: Angelo and Tamesha's Breakfast: Egg, Bacon & Cheddar Broth
TCDC breakfast2.jpg
Would You Order It? Yes. I know what all of those things are and it looks/sounds tasty. You can't beat bacon and eggs with cheese for breakfast.

Dish #3: Arnold and Lynne's Dinner: Pineapple Red Curry Mussels with Squid Ink Pasta & Focaccia
TCDC dinner1.png

Would You Order It? Ew, No. What? Squid ink? Mussels? No. Not unless I was planning to stay in my hotel room sick all night. I don't even want to know all the embarrassing ways that food could digest.

Dish #4: Ed and Alex's Lunch: Sea Scallops with Ricotta Gnudi & Broccoli Rabe
TCDC lunch1.jpg
Would You Order It? Yes, but only for room service over the phone so that I could say "Gnudi," hang up and giggle. Then I would run down the halls screaming, "RABE!!!"

Dish #5: Kenny and Kevin's Lunch: Chickpea Pappardell with Grilled Chicken & Tahini Sauce
TCDC lunch2.jpg
Would You Order It? Yes. Although I might be disappointed, based on the judges' feedback. It seems menu-safe, though, and you wouldn't look like a jerk eating it at a hotel dining room by yourself.

Now I bring the question to you: Would You Order It??

(images courtesy of Bravo)