The Young and the Restless: Week In Review 10/15/07-10/19/07
The Young and the Restless: Week In Review 10/15/07-10/19/07
Phyllis began the week on The Young and the Restless with the bad news that her motion to appeal her case was denied.  She was in such low spirits that she began talking to the chaplain at the prison.  This is the same chaplain to whom John Abbott gave his will after Jack manipulated his father into cutting Gloria out of it.  Happily for Phyllis, Michael redoubled his efforts to get Phyllis into the work-release program offered by the prison, engaging Jack, Nick and Victor to help out as well, and all the work paid off.  Phyllis was accepted into the program, and will begin working for Jack.  She was told repeatedly that there are very strict rules that she must follow and that she can't use her privilege to go to work as an excuse to visit with her friends and have relations with her husband.

Jack also started out the week poorly.  Maggie told him that he has become the prime person of interest in the Ji Min case because dog hair that she believes to have come from Jack's dog Fisher was found on Ji Min's body, and Jack was the last person to be seen coming out of Ji Min's room, according the the GCAC security camera.  To help get his mind off of this, Sharon suggested that they all take a trip up to Clear Springs for the weekend and also that she and Nick hold the Cassie's Challenge benefit at Jack's casino up there.  Jack thought it was a great idea, and Nick reluctantly agreed.

Cane and Heather went on a date to play basketball, where they challenged Amber and Daniel to a game of two-on-two.  Cane and Heather crushed their competitors, and then ended the day in a lip-lock, which Amber witnessed.  To get her mind off of her relationship woes, Amber contacted a record producer to get going on recording her album--for which she will pay for with the cash that she stole back from Ji Min--and also began designing some clothes that she asked Lauren to showcase in the fashion show when Fenmore's opens.  However, Cane couldn't get his mind off of Lily, despite all the fun he was having with Heather.  He called Lily after realizing that he truly likes Lily, but she didn't answer her phone because she knew she needed to get over her crush.

Against Michael's wishes, Gloria went out on a date with Jeffrey.  She was no longer suspicious that he might be onto her for her involvement with the Jabot face cream incident, but after the date, she was disappointed to find that Jeffrey only wanted to talk about her inheritance money.  After their date, Jeffrey approached Jill and flirted with her as well.

Victor looked like he was making progress in making his family a priority this week.  He bought Victoria a baby naming book and agreed that he and Nick should build the baby a cradle.  But that all ended when he decided to call in Nikki's loans.  He said that he was only that to save her from her own bad decisions, but she took it very personally.  Likewise, when Nick and Victoria found out about it too, they got very upset with their father.

JT got very close to getting hard evidence that Joe, the manager of the Clear Springs construction site, is behind the kickbacks.  JT is also concerned that they are using substandard concrete in the development.  The week ended very dramatically.  All the major players in Genoa City, except for Phyllis since she's still in prison, decided to all go up to Clear Springs.  But JT discovered huge cracks in the parking garage of the resort where everyone was staying.  During the last few moments of today's episode, the entire structure began to crumble, putting lives in danger.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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