The Young and the Restless: September 28 Live Thoughts
The Young and the Restless: September 28 Live Thoughts
Today's episode of The Young and the Restless begins right where yesterday's left off.  Jack has just heard through the intercom that Sharon kissed Nick and comes into the room where Brad and Sharon are.  He doesn't overtly confront Sharon about it; he just passive-aggressives that he knows that Sharon is honest and wouldn't lie.

Nick goes over to the athletic club where Noah and Daniel are having smoothies.  Noah tells his dad that he got suspended before.

Jana's over the moon about being Phyllis' cellmate.  Phyllis, on the other hand, is not happy at all.

Cane is fiddling with Jill's computer when Katherine comes in to report that the blogosphere is predicting another financial crisis for Jabot.  Jill's hard drive keeps crashing, which is why Cane is there.  Jill is still spooked and paranoid that she is still being taped everywhere she goes.  Katherine says that all the cameras have been removed.  At that moment, Maggie comes in with the coroner's report.  She says that they thought Ji Min's death was due to an accidental fall, but the report reveals that it may really be due to a crime.  The coroner found bruises on his body and his knuckles, and he died because of a blow to his larynx.  The police are going to re-interview everyone Ji Min talked to on the day he died.

Jack is alone in his office, calling out to his ghost dad about his disappointment in Sharon.  Sharon freaks out about Jack, and Brad lies that he won't tell Jack.  He says that she'll always have his shoulder to cry on, that scheming bastard.

In prison, Kevin visits Jana, who tells him about her new roommate.  Jana can tell that she's not too thrilled about it.  Kevin reassures Jana that prison is just a temporary rest stop for her.  Jana asks him if people can be redeemed.  Jana says that their love is strong enough to survive anything.  Phyllis asks the warden to move her away from Jana because she's scared of Jana's unstable mental state.  The warden says that he knows that Victor Newman is making calls on her behalf.

Maggie interviews Cane about his last run-in with Ji Min, but both Katherine and Jill try to stop her.

Sharon asks Jack if she wants to have lunch with her, but he declines, saying that he's swamped with work.  Ha!  That's funny.  Jack working?  He is frosty cold with Sharon, causing her to leave.  He picks up the phone to call Phyllis.

In prison, Jana tells Phyllis that since she hasn't been convicted, so she doesn't have to take a job like the other inmates do.  She can call anyone she wants, and since Phyllis doesn't have phone rights currently, she offers Phyllis the use of her phonecard.  Jana calls Nick on Phyllis' behalf and talks to him.  Phyllis doesn't actually talk to him because she would get in trouble, so Jana does all the talking.

Sharon offers to order lunch for Jack, but he is still short with her.  He says that he came clean to the public at her urging, and then tells her that he overheard her conversation with Brad.  He knows about the kiss with Nick.  Sharon says that she feels horrible.  She explains that it happened when she and Nick were on that location scout.  Jack asks who kissed whom.  She said that they were locked in a bank vault and it just happened.  He raises his voice and throws her self-righteousness back in her face.  He also demands to know why she ran to Brad, of all people, afterwards.  Meanwhile, in the lounge, Brad flashbacks about when he kissed her.

Jill asks Maggie, according to the coroner's report, if there could have been have been anything anyone could have done to save Ji Min.  Maggie says that it took between four to six minutes to die.

Nick and Daniel are visiting Phyllis who says that Jana is freaking her out.

Sharon is sitting alone in her car in the parking garage when Brad approaches.  He tells her that he just had a run-in with Jack.  Sharon gets out of the car to talk to him.  Sharon says that she loves Jack and that she never meant to hurt him.  Sharon is in tears, and Brad hugs her, with a scheming look in his eyes.

Jill asks Cane if he got into a fight with Ji Min.  He says no.

Nick asks the warden to move Phyllis because Jana is dangerous.  The warden says that Jana is a model prisoner as well as not even a convicted felon.  The warden is a hard-ass, however, and is unwilling to give the Newmans anymore special treatment.  On the inside, Phyllis asks Jana what's going on with her.  Jana is upset because she ordered a book "The Mindset of a Killer" and is upset to find out that she's in it.  Jana is remorseful of what she did to Carmen.  Jana talks the crazy-talk about hearing Carmen's skull crunch when she bashed her head in.  Phyllis is seriously spooked.

In the parking garage, Sharon takes her leave from Brad.  Sharon calls Nick to warn him that Jack knows about the kiss.

Thankfully, today's The Young and the Restless was less about white collar crime, and more about potentially crazed killers and infidelity.  I'm hoping for more along these lines for the future.

Next on The Young and the Restless: Nick confesses kissing Sharon to Phyllis, Jack is reading Sharon loud and clear.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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