The Young and the Restless: September 26 Live Thoughts
The Young and the Restless: September 26 Live Thoughts
The Young and the Restless begins with Jill and Katherine.  Jill sets into Katherine about knowing about the surveillance tapes.  They argue about everything, but agree that they have to scrutinize every in-house computer.  Katherine tells Jill that she shut down in-house surveillance, but not in-house security.

Jack, surprise surprise, is hanging out at home with Sharon.  Sharon is really proud of what he did, and he tells her how grateful he is for what she did and said for him.

Kevin is at work, leaving a message for Jana.  I wasn't aware that prison had a message system for their inmates.  Gloria comes in to remind him that all the office computers are being taken to be examined.  He says that there is nothing incriminating on his office computer because he does all his illegal stuff from his laptop, which he left in his car.  But Gloria has helpfully brought it, which makes Kevin panic.  Michael spilled water all over it before he was able to finish scrubbing the hard drive, so now Kevin and Gloria must figure out a way to hide the laptop.  If the executives find it, he is royally screwed.  Kevin's brilliant idea is to put the computer down his pants with his jacket on, and sneak it out back to his car.

Jack calls Paul because he can do things for Jack that the police can't do.  I wasn't aware that Jack was into that sort of thing, but maybe that explains a lot.  Sharon is paranoid about hidden cameras everywhere.  Jack wishes that he had Ji Min fire Gloria and Kevin when he had the chance because now Jack suspects Kevin of hacking into the computer system.

Jill realizes that the hacker who made the video recorded sound, but Katherine did not.  Gloria comes in to offer Jill her sympathy and support, giving Kevin enough time to sneak out.  Jill and Katherine suspect that Gloria might have been behind the second tape.

At the coffee house, JT gives Victoria a mix tape so that she can play the baby music while he's away working at Clear Springs.  A mix tape?  What is this, 1985?  He must really be poor if he can't even afford to burn a CD.

Katherine walks in on Kevin and Gloria sardonically discussing putting surveillance on other offices in the company.  He has to backpedal furiously when he realizes that Katherine just walked in.  Gloria and Kevin are worried that Katherine suspects them.  Kevin wants nothing more than for his mother to stop talking to anyone and to just go to sleep.

Traci, wearing a fabulously unflattering powder blue pantsuit, says good-bye to Jack and Sharon.  Jack breaks up a little when he says good-bye.  Sharon is now thinking that someone is purposely targeting them and even bugging their house.  Jack calls a security company that specializes in bug sweeps to come over tonight to sweep the house.

Victoria is making fun of JT's mix tape.  She says that she doesn't have a tape player anymore, but that it was a sweet.  JT says that he wants the baby to hear his voice, "even if it turns out to be an evil little Bradling."  Victoria is immediately upset.

Gloria and Kevin go into Jill and Katherine's office, Gloria offering up Kevin's computer expertise to help them out.  Katherine wants to accept the offer, but Jill kicks them out and tells her mother adamantly that nobody must see the video tapes.  She tells Katherine to stop the viewing of them immediately.  Jill wants to see three surveillance tapes from March and April.  She reluctantly tells Kay that it's because it's because Jill and Ji Min had sex in her office and in the boardroom on those days.  Katherine gets a little judgy.

JT apologizes to Victoria for his insensitive comment, but can't really come up with an explanation.

Jack hires Paul to look into the taping.  Paul refuses to become his client, however.

Jill is watching the tapes of Ji Min.  She's worried that the hacker will steal those tapes of them having sex and posting them online.

Gloria and Kevin are having dinner at the club.  Jeffrey comes by and interrupts them, catching Gloria off-guard.

Katherine tells Jill that reporters are here to interview.  Their plan is to admit that they put the surveillance system for the safety and security of product contamination.

Jeffrey sits down with Gloria and Kevin and tells them that William had a package sent to him before he died.  Gloria tries to wheedle out of him what was in the package.  Jeffrey says that his twin brother sent him some things because he had a premonition about his death.

Victoria is still on JT about his tasteless joke about the evil little Bradling growing inside her belly.  He explains that he's not jealous, but every once in a while, he thinks about her and Brad together and it makes him mad.  Victoria forgives him, and is actually a bit relieved that he is showing some vulnerability.

Kevin gets a call from Jana from prison.  But Daniel interrupts to ask him if he was the one who hacked into the Jabot network.  Kevin sort of wishy-washes his way out of it.  Daniel calls Jack to report that he doesn't think Kevin did it, but you can never be sure with him, so he'll keep an eye on him.  Maggie shows up at Jack's door and invites herself in.

Victoria teases JT and tells him that he looks cute when he gets worried and his forehead wrinkles up.  Silly Victoria!  JT has too much Botox in his forehead for there to be any wrinkles.  JT assures her that he loves all kind of babies and he'll be good to him.

Back to Gloria and Jeffrey.  Jeffrey recounts that when he and William were kids, they sent each other matches as signals to each other when they need help.  So, William sent him matches, and also a jar of cream.  Gloria, thinking that it might be a sample of the cream that she tainted, asks Jeffrey if she can have it.  He agrees to look for it and give it to her.  He also hits on her.

Maggie wants a favor of Jack.  She realizes that nothing is being said in the media about who leaked the video in the first place.  She wants Jack to contact her if there is anything to believe that the timing of Ji Min's death was anything but a coincidence.  I hope tomorrow's The Young and the Restless is more interesting than today's yawnfest, but at least Noah wasn't on today.

Next on The Young and the Restless: Michael questions Gloria, Victor is leaving Nikki with nothing.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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