The Young and the Restless: September 24 Live Thoughts
The Young and the Restless: September 24 Live Thoughts
Today on The Young and the Restless, Nick approaches Victor about giving Phyllis the deal.

Jack practices giving his press conference in front of Sharon.  He gives a heartfelt practice speech about how much he loved his father and how he did all of his dirty underhanded work out of love for his father.

JT visits Victoria at her office.  He asks her to play hooky, but she has too much work.  She ignores him because she has so many phone calls to answer.  She tells him to wait until tonight.  He says that he will be starting a job at Clear Springs soon and this may be the last time they have together for a while.

Nick continues to bash his father for manipulating Phyllis into telling on Jack to the Senate Ethics Committee.  Victor is indignant; he says that he's just trying to help Phyllis.

Neil and Karen come in to discuss business with Victoria, but JT, like a petulant child, texts her suggestive messages during her meeting.  She finally succeeds in getting rid of that leech.  As he enters the elevator, he hears two women whispering and giggling that he is the one that Victoria Newman is dating.

Sharon gets a call from Noah's principal.  Noah has been fighting other students who were giving him a hard time because of Jack and has been suspended for two days.  Sharon rushes out to pick up Noah from school, but Jack insists that he go, despite having a press conference in an hour.  Seriously, Jack is the laziest character on The Young and the Restless.  At least everyone else pretends to work; he doesn't even go to his own press conference!

In his office, Victor plays the DVD.  He flashbacks to a confrontation with Jack.  It is at this moment that I notice Victor's lazy left eye, which makes him even creepier.  He rocks.

Nick visits Victoria at her office to tell her that daddy is trying to bribe Phyllis.  Nick wonders why Victor isn't using his influence to help Phyllis without putting a price on it.  Victoria confides in Nick about her commitment to JT, which is news to Nick.  Nick says that even though he doesn't remember the past, he recently found the thing that made him fall in love with her all over again.

Paul visits JT.  Their fight at Indigo was a pretend-fight so that JT can start working undercover at Clear Springs.  JT, however, is worried about his future with Victoria, about what she sees in him.  He worries that it's only a matter of time before she loses interest in him.

Noah is home, and he has a black eye.  Jack comes clean with Noah.

Paul and JT have some quality father-son time, throwing darts at Victor's face.  JT says that he

Noah, holding an ice pack to his eye, demands to know why Jack lied to him.  Jack tells him that he's telling everyone the truth now.  But, um, doesn't he have to go to the press conference?  Noah says that he's never going to forgive him.

It's Neil's turn to visit Victoria.  He has good news.  The opening of their condo will happen only one week behind schedule.  She green lights phase three.  Neil tells her to take it easy because she's pregnant and smiles bemusedly when she rushes out for an appointment.

Nick goes to see Victor.  Victor says that he's made some calls on Phyllis's behalf.  The two agree not to argue anymore.

Sharon goes to talk to Noah.  She hopes that he'll forgive Jack.  She tells him that everybody makes mistakes, but it takes a lot of courage to step up and admit the truth like Jack is doing.  Except, um, hasn't it been an hour?  Isn't the press conference starting already?  How is he still at home?  Anyway, Noah is cool with him now; he still loves Jack.

Victoria arrives home for her appointment to spend time with JT.  Paul makes a hasty retreat as they frantically make out.

Karen brings Neil some notes about an ad campaign.  She reports happily that she took his advice in not making Newman her entire life and she signed up for cooking classes.  She tells him that she used to make a killer pot roast and invites him to try it.

Victoria and JT are at home, basking in the afterglow of afternoon sex.  Victoria's cell phone rings, and she puts it in the oven.  She tells JT that she loves her job, but she loves him more.  She doesn't want to turn into her father, always putting work ahead of family.

Jack, who has STILL not had his press conference, is lounging at home with Sharon, having drinks.  I knew his procrastinating was going to bite him in the ass.  Noah runs in and turns on the TV.  There is a breaking news report about the DVD being leaked the press.  It's worse than bad because if he goes public now, then it will look like he's only doing it because of the new evidence.  Ruh roh!

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