The Young and the Restless: October 30 Live Thoughts
The Young and the Restless: October 30 Live Thoughts
The Young and the Restless opens with Phyllis and Nick at work.  She's checking the blogosphere and reading that there are theories that sabotage caused the tragedy in Clear Springs.  They contemplate going into the supply closet for ten minutes to make out like teenagers, but they think better of it.

At the hospital, Victor and Nikki are still glued to their comatose daughter's bedside.  They talk to her and hold her hand.  The doctor comes in to report that the baby is healthy and will continue to develop normally, as long as Victoria remains stable.  Brad runs into the doctor and asks for an update, but the doctor won't give him any news since he's not family.   His eyes seem fine now.

Amber goes over to Katherine's with a get-well soon gift.  Esther was about to turn her away, but Katherine calls out from inside to invite her in.

At the coffeehouse, Jill is seething that there is another story on the front page about Jack's heroic efforts in the collapsed structure.  Jack himself walks in and is met with applause and free coffee.  Jill tells Cane that she once cared for Jack, but now, she can't think of him as anything but the cold-blooded killer of her fiance.

Katherine is very happy that Amber stopped by for a visit.  The get-well gift she brought is a silk scarf to be used as a sling for her broken arm.  Amber only has some minor bruises and scratches, and Katherine expresses how lucky they both were.  Amber says that she has a second chance on life, and wants to take advantage of it.  Katherine gives Amber a gift too.  It's a gold and diamond brooch in the shape of a beetle, to replace the one that Amber gave Katherine when they were both down underground.  She puts it on her shirt, as Cane and Jill arrive home, shocked to see Amber there.

Phyllis and Nick continue to contemplate the supply closet.  David comes in looking for Jack and looking upset.  Phyllis reads reports about Jack's bravery, and Nick confirms that he was indeed brave.  Nick tells her that Jack is now a person of interest in the death of Ji Min.  I hope that sometime soon, The Young and the Restless will see fit to tell us how he really died.

Brad asks Jack if he can stop by to visit Sharon, but Jack says that he'd rather that he didn't.

Cane continues to blame himself over the accident.  Amber offers the suggestion that Chancellor Industries should start a fund for the families of the victims.  Everyone likes the suggestion.  Jill thanks Amber for helping her mother out, and Amber asks Cane to have a cup of coffee together.  He says yes, and they leave.  Katherine tells Jill that one of the regrets she thought about when she was underground was not having made peace with her daughter.  Jill tells her that no matter their differences, she loves her.  Kay apologizes to Jill about cutting her out of her will, and Jill tells her that she's already forgiven her.

Phyllis searches through Jack's office, looking for insurance papers, and comes across the note that Jack wrote to Sharon while he was underground.  She reads it.  Jack walks in on her reading it.

Victor tells Victoria's comatose form about how he just wants what's best for his family, and apologizes for being heavy-handed in telling her and Nikki what to do about the Clear Springs project.  He says that he was wrong to call in Nikki's loans, and to do it without consulting Victoria, because the project is something that both women clearly value.  All the while, Nikki is standing at the door, silently listening to everything.

Phyllis looks up and sees Jack in the doorway.  She makes him tell her what's on his mind.  He says that he was terrified underground, but a peace came over him.  He thought that if he didn't make it, at least, he would have been with his dad, and that wouldn't have been so bad.  Phyllis goes downstairs to get a fax for Jack.  She sees a note to tell her to turn around.  She does so to find Nick holding Summer, who's dressed in an adorable pink bunny Halloween costume.

Brad is still trying to find out news on Victoria.  The doctor has to administer a pain test to Victoria, and Victor stays at her side during the test.  She doesn't respond to any of the stressors.

David tells Nikki that there is talk of sabotage against her company, and that there is also evidence of payoff to city inspectors.  Nikki doesn't hear a word he says because she's too preoccupied with her daughter.

Phyllis gives Nick a file containing a get-well card for Noah.  As ridiculous as I think this work-release storyline is, they are incredibly cute.

Maggie goes over to see how Katherine is doing, and Jill asks her if she's arrested Jack yet.  Maggie promises that as soon as she does, Jill will be the second person to know.

Victor demands to know all that JT knows about the kickbacks with the collapse or else he won't allow JT to visit Victoria.  JT spills everything, and tells Victor of his suspicion that David Chow might have been involved.  At that moment, Nikki and David himself come in and ask what's going on.  Victor immediately accuses David of having something to do with the substandard concrete.  David claims that he had nothing to do with whatever Joe Boddington was involved in.

At the coffeehouse, Amber thanks Cane for agreeing to see her.  Cane apologizes for doing those mean things to her when they broke up.  Nick orders a strawberry milkshake, extra thick, to go--Noah's favorite drink--then asks Cane if there's any news on what caused the collapse.

The doctor fills in Brad on Victoria's health details.  She tells him that one warning sign to look for in Victoria's state is if her hands start to claw up.  But so far, Victoria's hands seem normal.

It's JT's turn to talk to Victoria.  He regrets not shutting the building down the moment he suspected a problem.  Brad comes in and joins JT.

David tells Nikki that the rescue efforts have ended.  Nikki begs him to tell her that he was not involved in the kickbacks.  David denies that he had any knowledge of it.

It's Phyllis' time to go back to prison.  She asks Jack about being a suspect in the Ji Min case, and then assures him that it'll blow over once the police move on to the next suspect.  But as soon as the elevator doors close, her face melts into tears.

Jill calls Carter Campbell, the reporter who was going to write about Ji Min's confession, and gives an anonymous tip that Jack Abbott is a major suspect in Ji Min's murder.  This is going to go over well.  Victor shows up at the door and yells at Katherine and Cane for not shutting the building down as soon as they suspected that there was a problem.

Next on The Young and the Restless: Jack talks to his ghostly father again, Adrian owes Victoria big time, Victor and Nikki talk about David's involvement with the collapse.

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