The Young and the Restless: October 29 Live Thoughts
The Young and the Restless: October 29 Live Thoughts
The Young and the Restless begins with Sharon still at Noah's bedside.  Jack is at home, getting ready for work.  Daniel has left to go pick Phyllis up from prison, as today is her first day in the work-release program.

Cane, Katherine and Jill are in the boardroom discussing the accident.  Katherine confirms that there was only one fatality (Joe Boddington, the construction supervisor).  Cane is beating himself up because if the cause of the damage was substandard construction, then it was his fault.

Victor is on the phone with all the best doctors in the country, throwing money around to get someone to help Victoria come out of her coma, which she has been in for 12 hours.

JT, at Victoria's bedside, begs his fiancée to squeeze his fingers.

Phyllis is impatient to get out on work-release, but the warden is late coming to get her.  Jana has made a wooden model motorcycle in shop class and asks Phyllis to give it to Kevin for her, to remind him of the trip he and Jana were supposed to take.

At the hospital, the doctor tells Victor and Nikki that they still don't know why Victoria's is still in a coma.  Victor gets a call from Dr. Paul Webb from Johns Hopkins and asks the Genoa City Hospital doctors to give Dr. Webb all of Victoria's information.

Noah's spleen was removed laproscopically, and he might be ready to go home as soon as tomorrow.  Nick comes over to talk to Sharon, and I have to say, both Joshua Morrow and Sharon Case are having fabulous hair days.  They must have both gotten in the good graces of The Young and the Restless hairstylist.

Phyllis goes over the ground rules about the work-release with the warden.  She is not allowed to visit anyone, including her husband or her daughter.  According to the warden, if it's not work-related, then it doesn't exist, and they will be doing surprise checks periodically to make sure she abides by the rules.  Daniel is Phyllis' driver, and Phyllis is thrilled to see her son.

JT is talking to Victoria's unconscious form, holding her hand, when Nick comes in.  Nick holds her hand and asks her to wake up and give him a power noogie, like she used to when they were kids.  He tells her that their mom and dad are together in the hallway, and all it took was a bump on her noggin for their parents to be civil with each other.

Cane continues to tell Katherine and Jill that he is to blame.  Jill has drafted a public statement that Kevin will put on the Chancellor website.  They all leave to go to the hospital to see Victoria.

Nikki comes in with crayons and paper from the gift shops.  Noah is having trouble remembering things.  He doesn't remember that Jack and Nick were just visiting him, and that Sharon just asked him how he was doing.  Nikki and Sharon look concerned.

Phyllis, finally wearing makeup and normal clothes, shows up to Jack's office to report for work.  Daniel offers to go get Summer from the Newman nursery, but Phyllis says she's not allowed to see her daughter.  Phyllis has a hard time explaining why she can't see Summer.  Jack tells Daniel to get her, but Phyllis refuses to touch her because it would be too hard to have to say good-bye.  Jack orders Phyllis, as her boss, that she should call Nick.

Lily comes in to see Noah with a bunch of comic books.  He's not in good spirits, however, and is worried about people who might still be down in the garage.  But all of the regulars from Genoa City are all rescued, so nobody cares about the other people.  Noah gets a phone call from Phyllis and he perks up.  But as soon as Phylis tells him she can't visit him, he goes back to being sad.  Sharon tells Phyllis that she'll do her best to explain why she can't visit to Noah, but given the way grown-ups on this show talk to Noah, it's not likely that anyone will do a good job explaining this to Noah.

Daniel brings Phyllis some non-prison food that she's been craving.  She's really rocking the cleavage as well.

Sharon is filled with regret about Noah being trapped without her underground and cries to Jack.

Nikki and Victor update Jill and Katherine about Victoria's state.  Jill tells everyone bitterly that everyone on the news is calling Jack a hero for saving Nick and Sharon, and Katherine adds that Victor is a hero as well for saving Jack.  But Victor asks what kind of hero he is if he can't save his own daughter.

Lily finds Cane at the coffeehouse, asking him if he can use a friend.  She tells him that Noah's surgery went really well, but Cane refuses to be cheered up.  She does her best to convince him that this tragedy wasn't his fault, but he thinks that because he's Katherine's grandson, he was promoted without having the credentials to back him up.

Phyllis finds Kevin sitting at Jack's desk.  He informs her that he's going to be working with her to help out with Jack's website.  Michael and Lauren arrive.  The two women catch up, but Michael warns them that fraternizing is not allowed and if Phyllis gets caught, she'll be sent back to prison.

Jack is in the hospital, and sees Jill and Katherine.  Jill is still really bitchy toward Jack.  She threatens Jack that she will never let people forget what he allegedly did to Ji Min.

At the coffeehouse, Lily asks Cane why he is so quick to blame himself.  He says that he spent so many years living on his own with not a care in the world, but now that he's found this family that he loves and he's let them down in a big way.  Say what you will about Lily, I can't stop looking at Christel Khalil's eyelashes.  They are so thick and lovely.  Lily holds Cane's hand, while Daniel looks on jealously.

Noah and Sharon are at the hospital.  Noah was groaning in his sleep.  He wakes up and says his stomach is hurting a lot more than before.  He wants Nick.

But Nick is at Newman, on official business (yeah right), to see Phyllis.  They refrain from kissing each other, since it's against the rules.  How long is this going to last, I wonder?  Any takers on how long it will take before Phyllis and Nick are doing it on the conference room table?

The doctor has Victoria's baby's heartbeat, and Victor listens to it first.

Next on The Young and the Restless: Victor asks JT what he knew about the construction of the parking structure, Amber confronts Cane, Victor asks David if he was involved with the kickbacks at Clear Springs.

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