The Young and the Restless: October 11 Live Thoughts
The Young and the Restless: October 11 Live Thoughts
It's Nick's birthday on The Young and the Restless today.  Phyllis leaves a message on Nick's voicemail, wishing him a happy birthday.  Jana sneaks up on Phyllis as she's getting off the phone, and promises to help her celebrate.

Kevin comes home to find Gloria pacing around in a cheetah print dressing gown.  She's still worried that Jeffrey didn't believe her cover story about wanting the jar of face cream back.

At the club, Maggie introduces himself to Jeffrey.  He asks her for information on the Jabot face cream case that his brother William was close to solving before he died.

Colleen calls Adrian from the coffeehouse.  Adrian is in a great mood because he's having a great time teaching his class.  Heather walks over to Colleen to talk about Adrian's class that she's taking.  She raves about what a great teacher.  Michael also walks in and talks to Heather.  They simultaneously get calls informing that Phyllis' ruling on her appeal is scheduled for 3:00 that afternoon.

Nick brings Summer over to the prison to see Phyllis.  Phyllis is ecstatic to see her child, who is dressed all in lavender.  Summer starts fussing, and then a prison guard brings her a fax from Michael about the ruling this afternoon.

At the coffeehouse, Michael tells Lauren that he thinks Phyllis has a five out of ten chance to get her ruling overturned.

Phyllis says that the other inmates in prison don't think she has a very good chance.  Summer is really a cute baby.  I dread the day when she grows up and becomes a bad child actor.

Maggie and Jeffrey continue to discuss the face cream case.  Maggie says that, along with the woman who died, Gloria also suffered a burn on her forehead, which catches Jeffrey's attention.  Maggie is almost positive that William knew who had committed the crime but couldn't communicate because of the stroke, and that's why she wants to solve the case.

Gloria is being paranoid with Kevin.  She finds out that Jeffrey is still in town and she's scared that he might be on to her.

Colleen invites Heather over to look at books on Romanesque architecture.  They discover that they are both New Yorkers and they have a lot in common.  Right, like these two can pass as New Yorkers.  Colleen rummages around Adrian's belongings to look for an art book and finds something that belonged to Heather's roommate who had committed suicide.

Nick is still in prison, trying to keep Phyllis' mind off the ruling.  But a guard comes in to say that Nick has to leave because visiting hours are over.  Phyllis puts a pacifier in Summer's mouth that was on the table in the jail cell.  Ewww, you never know what kind of germs are on there.  They say their good-byes and Nick leaves, as Phyllis melts into tears.

Gloria goes to the club (where else?) to find Jeffrey there.  He approaches her and the two make small talk.

Kevin is also at prison, visiting Jana.  I thought that visiting hours were over, so what is he still doing there?  Jana's hair is in braids, but they are very skinny, skimpy braids.  I suppose haircare products are in short order in prison.  Kevin tells her that he is going to make a website documenting her medical history, with an online petition.  He even wants medical experts to weigh in on her case.  Jana says sadly that she's not innocent, however, because she really did kill Carmen.

Heather is still upset that Adrian has one of her roommate Macey's mementos in his drawer.  It looks like it's a porcelain figurine of the Leaning Tower of Pisa.  Adrian comes home to find the two women contemplating the souvenir.  Adrian explains that Macey's family gave it to him for helping with the situation.

Nick discusses his prison visit with Lauren.

Michael is at the prison with Phyllis.  He gives her the details of what to expect from the ruling.  She asks what her chances are, and he says they are reasonable, considering that they almost had a mistrial before.  Michael says that the Newman news in the tabloids lately might negatively influence Phyllis' chances.  If the judge rules in her favor, then she could be home tonight.

Jeffrey confesses to Gloria that he's been lying to her.  After commercials, Jeffrey continues explaining his lie.  He says that his estrangement from William was not because of their parents.  He said that they reunited when they became adults, but then they both fell in love with Miranda.  William married her and that is what drove the brothers apart.  I wasn't watching when William was around, but there may be some The Young and the Restless retcon going on here.  Jeffrey says that Miranda and William were not high school sweethearts as we previously thought.  They made up that story so that Miranda would have credibility in her newspaper column.

Heather packs up her books and leaves.  As soon as Heather is gone, Colleen demands to know the real story behind Macey's keepsake.

Jana approaches Phyllis to give her a picture frame that she made in her prison woodworking class.  Phyllis is distracted.

Back at home, Nick is also distracted.  Michael arrives home, wishes Nick a happy birthday.  He sits down to wait for the ruling results.

Adrian shows Colleen a photo from a class trip taken of Macey.  Her death will haunt Adrian.  He said what he did do was too little, too late, so he keeps the Leaning Tower to remind him to always do the right thing.

Gloria tells Kevin that she isn't paranoid of Jeffrey anymore.  Kevin isn't buying it and tells Gloria to stay away from the guy.  Meanwhile, Jeffrey is still researching the Jabot scandal on his laptop at the club.

Jana, the ultimate chatterbox, can't stop bugging Phyllis.  Phyllis finally admits that she doesn't want to be friends with Jana.

At Nick's birthday party, Lauren gets excited that Fen took his first step.  Michael races to get the video camera and then the fax machine rings.  He walks slowly over to get the paper.  Unfortunately, that's the end of The Young and the Restless for today, and we'll have to wait to see what the ruling is.

Next on The Young and the Restless: Maggie talks to Paul about Heather, David visits Jana in jail, Nick overhears Nikki talking to baby Summer.

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