The Young and the Restless: October 10 Live Thoughts
The Young and the Restless: October 10 Live Thoughts
On The Young and the Restless, Victoria is back in Genoa City after her romantic getaway with JT.  She had told her new fiancé that she wanted to keep the engagement a secret, but she just blabbed her news to Nick while having lunch with him at the club.

In not so happy marital news, Victor tells Nikki that he wants to get the divorce proceedings started and to tell the kids as soon as possible.

Paul is in Clear Springs to see JT.  JT tells him the news of getting engaged as well.  Paul, however, is a little cautious, considering that JT will be marrying a pregnant Newman.

Adrian reports to Colleen that he got a very positive review from his editor for the book he's writing.  A dean from Genoa City University approaches Adrian about a teaching position that has unexpectedly opened up.  Colleen is concerned because if Adrian goes back to teaching, he and Colleen won't be allowed to be together anymore.  It would go against university policy.  Adrian just wants to meet with the dean to see what she has to offer.

JT tells Paul that he saw David Chow shaking hands with the guy involved with the kick backs at the Clear Springs Project.

The dean tells Adrian that a professor who teaches an extension class woke up one morning with phlebitis, which the Internet tells me is an inflammation of a vein.  Adrian is only too happy to get back into the classroom, but there is the small matter of his relationship with Colleen Carlton, who is still a student at the university.  Adrian is now ready to publicly admit to this relationship, as he tells the dean.

Nick and Victoria ask both their parents to have lunch with them at the club.  Everyone has news to tell their family.

Colleen, waitressing at the club, is visibly stressed out about Adrian's conversation with the dean.  She is also tired because she is doing double shifts while she is not taking classes so that she can pay her tuition and books.  Brad gives her a big check to her so that she doesn't have to work so hard.  Brad tells her that he may not approve of all the decisions she makes, but he promises never to withdraw his financial support again.  Colleen is grateful.

Nikki and Victor join Nick and Victoria at the club.  Victoria goes first with her news.  She tells them all of her new engagement with JT, but she gets a frosty response from her parents.  Victor asks if she's engaged just because of the baby, but she says that she loves him.  Nick goes next.  He tells them that he is coming back to Newman Enterprises as co-CEO.  Victor goes next.  He tells his children that he and Nikki are going to get a divorce.  Victoria and Nick are saddened but not shocked.  Nikki says that the decision was mutual, but then Victor says that Nikki moving into another man's hotel room was too much for him to take.  They start fighting in earnest, and Victor gets up to go.

Colleen accidentally walks into a man while waitressing.  She spills coffee all over his suit, and he yells at her for ruining it.  She is so sorry, and offers to get it dry-cleaned, but he will have none of it.  Heather comes over and flashes her District Attorney credentials and tells the man to accept Colleen's apologies and walk away.  He does so in a huff.

Paul sits down with David up in Clear Springs.  JT, still pretending to be at odds with Paul, interrupts to hurl some insults at Paul.

It's just Victoria and Nikki at the table left.  Victoria calls her mother out on being a terrible liar.  Nikki says she wants to be angry because she's much rather feel angry than so very sad.  Victoria tells her mother that it's okay to let it out, but Nikki valiantly chokes back the tears.

Nick goes to Victor's office with woodworking plans for a cradle for Victoria's baby.  Nick tells him that they should use birch to make the cradle because during a storm, birch bends, it doesn't break.  He says that Nikki is the birch tree.  Victor isn't interested in talking about anything or even building the cradle, but Nick is insistent.

Adrian is finally done with the dean.  He tells Colleen that he misses teaching, but if he had to choose between a GCU classroom and her, he'd choose her every time.  The dean says that he can teach and date Colleen, as long as she doesn't take any of his classes.  They are all smiles.

Up in Clear Springs, David tells JT that he wants to see the Project succeed and if Paul is here poking around on Victor's behalf, he'd like to know why.  They make plans to talk about it over beer.

Victoria and Nick are both now at the Newman offices.  Victoria recounts a story about their parents' first divorce when they were younger.

David asks JT if Victor sent Paul up to Clear Springs just to look around.  David suspects that maybe Victor just wants to keep an eye on David and JT, who are involved with his soon to be ex-wife and daughter, respectively.

I like Victoria and Nick's interactions together.  They are brother and sister, so there aren't any romantic undertones in their relationship.  I sometimes get tired of romantic relationships on The Young and the Restless, because really, it's only a matter of time when some betrayal tears the couple apart.  But Victoria and Nick actually look like they'll like each other forever.  Anyway, Brad comes in, looking ominous.  Brad sarcastically congratulates her on her impending nuptials, but he wants to know what will happen if the baby turns out to be his son.  If it is his son, then he swears that he will raise him.

Heather approaches Adrian at the coffeehouse.  He thanks for standing up to Colleen at the club.  She says that she's in the class that he's taking over.  How does she have time to take a class with her busy schedule at the D.A.'s office?

Nick and Victoria go to their father's office and ask him to be kind to Nikki.  Nikki herself shows up a minute later.   Later, Victoria is on the phone with JT and Nick is on the phone with the prison.

Next on The Young and the Restless: Jeffrey's been lying to Gloria, Phyllis might be able to come home soon, Kevin has a plan to spring Jana from the slammer.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer