The Young and the Restless: November 29 Live Thoughts
The Young and the Restless: November 29 Live Thoughts
Jack (Peter Bergman) and his chief of staff Ben Hollander (Billy Warlock) open today's episode of The Young and the Restless.  They're stressed out about all of Jack's public relations woes.  Jack declares that he will find the real murderer of Ji Min Kim, but Sharon (Sharon Case) walks in and avows that she will not let Jack go after Victor (Eric Braeden).

Back to the hearing to determine the medical course of action for Victoria (Amelia Heinle) and her fetus.  Brad (Don Diamont) rushed in at the last minute on yesterday's episode of The Young and the Restless.  Michael (Christian LeBlanc) objects that the letter hasn't been authenticated, but Victor and Nikki (Melody Scott Thomas) both identify it to be Victoria's handwriting and signature.  The letter reads that Victoria loves her baby more than life itself.  But, can't that be taken as a figure of speech?  I can't imagine any judge taking this letter at face value.

Sharon argues with Jack about going after Victor.  Ben says that there is a way to cast suspicion over Victor without implication Jack, but that's not what Sharon is talking about.  Sharon doesn't want Jack to go after Victor during this time while his daughter and grand-fetus is dying.  She with steely determination that if he goes through with this, then she doesn't know Jack anymore and cannot stand by him.  He backs down, amazed by her compassion.  He can't go through with his plan if Sharon isn't by him.  Ben isn't too happy about this, however.

Kevin (Greg Rikaart) gives Cane (Daniel Goddard) a crash-course in social networking.  Kevin has made a Jabot MySpace page.  Ooh, that is so edgy.  Way to be like four years ago.  I can't believe they pay him for that.  Cane is impressed and calls Lily (Christel Khalil) over to see the page, while Amber (Adrienne Frantz) glowers in the corner.

The court is called to recess so that the two counsels can consult with their clients about Victoria's letter.

Amber remembers the uncomfortable conversation she had with Cane when he made her sign the paper indicating that their marriage was never real.  Colleen (Tammin Sursok) comes over to the coffeehouse to talk to Kevin, Lily and Cane.  Lily wants Colleen to enter with her, but Colleen is not interested.  On the other side of the room, Amber tells Kevin that she thinks she's perfect for the Jabot modeling challenge.

Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) and Michael are checking up on their children during the court recess.  Victor demands that Michael stop Brad from becoming the fetus' guardian.

Amber kisses Cane's ass about the Faces of Jabot campaign and tries to convince him to make her a part of it.  He gently reminds her that family is not allowed to enter, and plus, Amber's extreme catwalk thing pretty much makes her on the top of Jill's (Jess Walton) blacklist.

Jack goes over a speech with Ben before taking off to Madison.  Maggie Sullivan (Tammy Lauren) comes in to meet him, and he suggests to her indirectly that Victor is responsible for Ji Min's death.

Recess is over and Victor makes a very thoughtful and logical plea to the judge about why Brad should not be allowed to become the guardian of the fetus.  He's convinced me.  Nikki goes next, but she doesn't really say anything logical.  The judge considers all of it and leaves to make his decision.

At the hospital, Dr. Webb tells JT (Thad Luckinbill) and Nick (Joshua Morrow) that Victoria's condition is getting worse and that they aren't able to stabilize her.  Michael wants Victor to consider the possibility that he might be wrong about Victoria's wishes.  Victor doesn't mind that if she never speaks to him again, as long as she lives.  JT and Nick call Nikki and Victor, respectively, to tell them that the fetus has gone into distress and something must be done right now.

Maggie tries to dismiss Ben's accusations against Victor, but Ben accuses Maggie of ethical wrongdoing, doing everything she can to keep Jack in the public's doghouse.  A man standing nearby records the entire conversation on his videophone.

Jill orders a raspberry ice tea from Amber.  Jill's looking for Kevin, but Amber pitches her idea to Jill that Amber would be great for the Jabot campaign.  Jill's having none of it, though, and doesn't hold back on the snark.

Court is back in session.  Both sides have asked for the case to be dismissed because of Victoria's current condition.  They have agreed that an emergency C-section be performed immediately.  The judge agrees and dismisses the case.  All I can say is, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  Why did they drag us through over a week of all this bickering about whether to operate on Victoria, even having this excruciating court hearing, if all they were going to do was dismiss the case and do the damn C-section?  The Young and the Restless is purposely drawing out all of their storylines, and I am not happy about it.  Not one bit.  Nick calls his parents as Victoria is being prepped for surgery.

Cane and Lily flirt over their coffees, as Heather (Vail Bloom) walks in to talk about their date tomorrow.  Lily is not pleased.  Does anyone else notice how The Young and the Restless uses the same song over and over again.  Is there a musician's strike as well?

Jack and Sharon get a call alerting him to the video of Ben pressuring Maggie that is posted on the Internet.  The caption of the video reads "Senator's Goon Leans On Investigator," I think.

At the hospital, all the Newmans pray for Victoria's health.

As soon as Heather goes to get her coffee, Cane explains to Lily that he didn't ask Heather out--they just found out that they were going to the same charity dinner and decided to carpool.  Lily lamely compliments them on their green efforts.  Is CBS a little bit jealous that NBC thought of the Green Week first?  Heather comes back and Lily says that she's definitely entering the contest.  Back in the supply room, Amber dons sunglasses and a scarf and contemplates how she can hide her identity and enter the contest.

Jack and Sharon are about to yell at Ben for talking to Maggie and getting taped, but he interrupts them with new evidence.  He has a package airmailed from Korea. It's a tape that Ji Min sent to his parents for safekeeping before he died, on which Victor instructs him to secretly record all of his conversations with Jack.  This shows that Victor is behind the leak to the press of Jack's fraudulent ownership of Jabot.

Next on The Young and the Restless: Sharon and Jack repeat the same lines they read today, Nikki is afraid Victoria won't forgive her, Ben talks to Maggie about the new tape.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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