The Young and the Restless: November 12 Live Thoughts
The Young and the Restless: November 12 Live Thoughts
Michael and Lauren go over to Phyllis' office at work to open this week of The Young and the Restless.  They tell her and Daniel that her appeal just got reconsidered, and the judge will only be hearing oral arguments.

Karen and Neil makes plans to have dinner and watch movies tonight.  Neil suddenly says that he has to go, probably because Karen just inadvertently reminded him of his dead wife.  Poor Karen, that seems to happen to her often.

The Newmans plus JT are getting another update about Victoria from the specialist that Victor had called in.  He says that they've check all her tests, but they have to just wait and see.  Brad comes in and asks why nobody called him when Victoria's blood pressure started to spike.

Heather is in tears.  Paul had just told her that he's her father.  She bitches that if he did care about her, he would have done something.  She asks why he didn't tell her earlier, and he says that it was complicated.  She says that he was being selfish, that it was what he wanted.  She accuses him of only telling her now because she's going to press charges against him for kidnapping Sheila Carter, but he has no idea what she's talking about.

Heather tells Paul how she eavesdropped on him outside of Indigo and that it is her duty to prosecute him for kidnapping Sheila Carter.

Phyllis borrows Daniel's cell phone, against the rules of her work order, and steps into the elevator to call Nick and tell him the good news of her appeal.  Sharon is also in the elevator.  It must be a really tall building that they're in because the elevator ride is preternaturally long.

Paul calls Maggie and asks her to meet her at Lauren and Michael's place because Heather knows about Sheila.

Nikki tells Brad that they did not intentionally exclude him.  Nick sits next to Victoria, who is turned on her right side after spending all of last week on her left side.  Brad comes in to talk to her.  He touches her belly and feels the baby kick.

Karen, refreshingly not beating around the bush, asks Neil why he bolted out of the room.  He says that her favorite movie was also Drusilla's favorite.  She tells him that they have to talk about everything because she's sick of living in dead Drusilla's shadow, but Neil gets evasive and says he has to work late.

Michael is furious when Paul tells them all that Heather Stevens is his daughter.  He now understands why Paul helped her gather evidence against Phyllis.  He also now understands why Heather is poking around, asking everyone about Sheila Carter.  The four speculate about what Heather is planning to do.  Paul says that he'll take care of it, but Michael doesn't believe it.  Michael says that they are all complicit in kidnapping her, and Lauren starts to have another panic attack.

Daniel missed his community service for the day, and Heather tells him that she's going to report him to his parole officer.  Phyllis calls him on his cell and asks him to check on Summer in the nursery because she might be having an earache.

JT promises to Brad that he'll keep him in the loop.

Daniel brings Summer to Phyllis' office, another violation of the rules of her work-release.  Heather stands outside the door, and when Daniel opens it, she tells Phyllis that spending time with Summer is a flagrant violation.  Uh oh!  She's busted!  Phyllis and Daniel appeal to her heart.  Heather, in mid-dial, hangs up her phone, angrily.  She has daddy issues now.

Michael and company conclude that Heather doesn't have any solid proof.

Sharon and Karen go through the insurance paperwork from the Clear Springs disaster.  Seriously?  This riveting moment from The Young and the Restless is about insurance claims?  Wow, that's really riveting.

Daniel catches Heather crying in a room by herself.  He apologizes for yelling at her, and thanks her for not turning Phyllis in.

The Johns Hopkins specialist informs the Newmans plus JT and Brad that Victoria's hands are swelling again.

Daniel gives Heather a tissue and wipes away her running mascara.  He thanks her for showing a rare human side.  She says that she's still planning to call his parole officer.  As soon as he leaves the room, she gets on the phone to order a random inspection of Phyllis Newman's work-release program.  Daniel overhears all of this.

Sharon busts Neil for using her as an excuse to get out of his date with Karen.  Neil confides in her that he can't move on about Drusilla, especially because her body was never found.  Sharon says that she thinks that Cassie would want her to be happy, just like Dru wants him to be happy and to move on with his life.

Paul promises that whatever he does with Heather, he promises that the others will not be implicated about the Sheila case.

Neil goes back to Karen, and flirtatiously asks her to get her coat for a romantic date.

Daniel warns Phyllis to keep an eye out for random spot checks within the next couple of days.

Michael asks Lauren why she didn't tell him that she knew that Heather is Paul's daughter.  Lauren says that it was Paul's secret and she didn't feel comfortable breaking his confidence.  Speaking of Paul, he finds Heather going over case files at the coffeeshop.  Why does everybody do their work there?  Doesn't she have an office?  Paul pleads with her that for her to understand.  Heather coldly ignores him.  Then Paul tells her about how he first new about Sheila's misdeeds.  He asks her whether she is charging

The specialist tells the Newmans that Victoria has a condition called preeclampsia, which is a pregnancy-related condition that has to do with blood circulation.  They all have many questions.  The only cure for the condition is to deliver the baby, but they might not have to do that if her preeclampsia is mild.

Next on The Young and the Restless: Gloria tests the cream on herself, Phyllis isn't going anywhere, the doctor doesn't think Victoria's baby will make it.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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