The Young and the Restless: January 22 Live Thoughts
The Young and the Restless: January 22 Live Thoughts
We haven't seen Amelia Heinle in a while on The Young and the Restless.  I've almost forgotten that she's still there.  JT (Thad Luckinbill) tells Victoria's comatose body that baby Reed is doing really well and will be coming home soon.

Victor's (Eric Braeden) and Nikki's (Melody Thomas Scott) hearing is finally over; the judge will rule on Nikki's lawsuit in a few days.  Recall that on yesterday's The Young and the Restless, the judge ruled that Victor has to pay Nikki her fair share of money, but she has to give up NVP to him.

After the hearing, Neil (Kristoff St. John) calls Karen (Nia Peeples) and asks her to join him at the GCAC for a midday break.

At home, Lauren (Tracey Bregman) convinces Michael (Christian LeBlanc) to take a break from all his Victor-work.  Unfortunately, they are interrupted by Gloria (Judith Chapman) who is back from getting secretly hitched.  Michael demands to know where she's been, and she answers that she and Jeffrey got married in Vegas.  Michael is incensed.

Nikki finds the results of the hearing bittersweet.  She's glad that she hasn't been left penniless, but she's sad that she lost her company.  David (Vincent Irizarry) wants to start thinking about their wedding and starting their new company as soon as possible.  Clearly, he has an ulterior motive--he needs Nikki's money to pay his creditor back.  Speaking of his loan shark, he calls David and asks to meet with him in 20 minutes.  The loan shark also indicates that David is not his real name.  Hmmm, mysterious!

Victor gets on the phone with his household staff and instructs them to pack up everything belonging to Nikki and get rid of it.  He doesn't want a single trace of her left in the house.

It's Lauren's turn to interrogate Gloria.  Gloria promises that in a few days, it's all going to make sense, but her daughter-in-law is dubious.  Gloria says that she came back home alone because Jeffrey flew off somewhere to take care of some business.  Gloria says also that she'll be moving into the GCAC with Jeffrey.  (Unfortunately, she won't be able to steal back the jar of tainted face cream because he's keeping it in a safe deposit box.)

Neil meets Karen at the GCAC and gives her the lowdown on Victor's divorce hearing.

Nikki shows up at Katherine's (Jeanne Cooper), who is still in the middle of watching Casablanca.  Katherine empathizes with her and gives her a shoulder to cry on.

Michael goes over the events of Ji Min's death with Victor again.  Michael is very stressed out because Victor honestly can't remember where he was that night after he worked out at the gym.  Maybe someone roofied him!

Katherine advises Nikki to take her time and not rush into starting a new company with David.  Meanwhile, David meets with his mob boss, or whatever, at the GCAC.  I don't understand why he would meet in such a public place.  Everyone and their mother dines at the GCAC!  Anyway, David tells the dude that he's finally got the money and he begs for just two more weeks.  After that, he'll pay back everything in full.  The dude allows it.

Neil asks Karen for advice on how to deal with Lily.  Karen defends Lily, explaining that she's growing up.

Victor goes up to Victoria's room.  He puts his face in his hands and tells her how much he needs her now.   In Sharon's old house, Nikki comes home to find all of her belongings from the main house in the middle of the room in boxes.

David tries to ditch his meeting, but the dude wants to know the details about he's getting the money.  David explains that someone close to him just came into a settlement.  The dude refers to David as Clark.  Looks like David is hiding a lot more from Nikki than just his money troubles.  Upset, Nikki calls David and leaves a voicemail for him.  Then, she decides to just go and meet him at the club.

Michael comes home to find Gloria moving out.  He says that they can get her marriage annulled because she's not sleeping with Jeffrey.  Without a word, Gloria takes her belongings and leaves.  Michael vows to investigate Jeffrey.

I wonder how Newman Enterprises makes any money with all their key employees taking three hour lunches at the GCAC every day.  Karen and Neil are still there.  Now, Neil is trying to convince Karen to perform at Indigo.  Karen promises to sing for him privately at his apartment as a compromise.

Michael remembers that Jeffrey always excuses himself to make or receive overseas phone calls.  So, he figures that they can get Kevin to hack into Jeffrey's cell phone records.  At the GCAC, Gloria calls Kevin to remind him that they have to get phase two of their plan going.  (They are planning to make it look like Jeffrey is going to kill her.)

Nikki goes in to check on Victoria, but Victor is still in there with her.  He ignore his new ex-wife and leaves the room silently.  You can tell he's hurting, though, because of all the staring he does.

Next on The Young and the Restless: Gloria and Kevin scheme, Lauren and Michael talk about Victor, Heather gets an anonymous tip.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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