The Young and the Restless: August 28 Live Thoughts
The Young and the Restless: August 28 Live Thoughts
It is morning now on The Young and the Restless, and Lauren and Michael are at the coffeehouse. Lauren orders while Michael broods over the paper.

Noah is supposed to start basketball camp today (is this supposed to be in real time? Like, shouldn't Noah be starting school?) But he insists that he wants to go with Sharon and Jack to Siphyllis's sentencing hearing.

At home, Siphyllis preps a shirtless Nick with final tips on how to raise Summer

Opening credits remind me that I'm watching The Young and the Restless.

Kevin and Colleen are with Jana as she waits for her surgery. Everyone is on edge. Jana tells Kevin that she's going to be all right, whatever happens.

After the break, Phyllis and Michael are dressed and ready to go to court. Michael and Lauren have come over to pick them up.

At court, Heather the assistant DA is working on another case, involving Michael's brother. Paul comes in to check on her, and his companion exposits that Paul is Heather's father but Heather doesn't know that yet.

Finally, we are at the hearing. The Honorable Judge Chong sentences her without much ado to the maximum sentence of six years, with no possibility of parole. Gasp!

After the commercial break, the judge denies all appeals that Michael makes about letting Siphyllis remain free. Noah, disappointed little bugger, looks as crestfallen as a child actor without range can look.

Gloria has joined Kevin and Colleen at the hospital. Conveniently, Kevin and Colleen have left the room to speak with the surgeon, giving Gloria the opportunity to tell Jana to go back to England after her surgery. Kevin, Colleen and the surgeon come back to get Jana started. Jana immediately starts to freak out when the surgeon suggests that she say good-bye to her friends. We cut to commercial as she yells, "I cawn't do this! I cawn't!"

Jana is still frightened about her surgery, so Kevin offers to go into the operating room with her. She says she'll go through with the surgery if he's there, but the surgeon is doubtful.

Over at court, Sharon tells Siphyllis that she takes no pleasure in the verdict. Siphyllis and Nick resolve to stay strong for the kids. Noah confronts Brad and Sharon about his night of passion together. He has a tantrum about how everyone is guilty of doing bad things, but only Siphyllis has to go to jail. Everyone stands around guiltily, not able to contradict him.

Phyllis is hanging out in the hallway of the courthouse. I know she's not guilty of a violent crime or anything, but she was just sentenced to prison. Shouldn't someone at least be guarding her? Nikki approaches to talk about Summer.

At the hospital, the surgeon talks to Kevin about the surgery. The doctor is worried that Kevin might faint. He warns Kevin that he has to remain calm throughout.

Michael, Lauren, Daniel, Nick and Phyllis engage in gallows humor about her impending time in the slammer. Seriously, this woman has already proved herself to be a flight risk, and yet now, the great state of Wisconsin is letting her gallivant around before she has to go to prison?

Kevin is suited up and Jana's on the operating table. They are about to put her under to cut open her brain. The doctors ask him to leave while they do the cutting. He goes out into what looks like the hallway, possibly so he can pick up as many germs as possible in order to contaminate the OR upon his return.

Brad comes to the hospital to find Colleen. He tells her that Abby wants to see her. He agrees that Colleen might have been right that Jana's actions were caused by her tumor. He sits, trying to provide support to her, despite her loathing.

Phyllis, who has been staying strong for the sake of the children, breaks down in Nick's arms.

It looks like the hospital has taken over the courthouse as the place to be. The people in the room now include Michael, Gloria, Brad, Colleen and Kevin. Michael shares the news about Phyllis's sentencing.

Kevin is back in the operating room, after having rolled around in germs. They just woke Jana up to do the brain mapping. Jana's scared.

Paul, rather than telling Heather that he's her dad, offers to help her with Kevin's case.

Sharon, Jack and Noah are at dinner at the same restaurant they eat at every day. Noah reveals to Jack that he knows about Sharon's night with Brad, and decides that he wants to live with his father, whom he thinks is the only blameless party.

Nick meets Nikki over coffee to tell her off about overstepping her bounds concerning Summer.

In the OR, Kevin is showing Jana pictures, which she must identify. She gets them all right, until things start to go terribly wrong. She says a picture of a high-heeled shoe is a "bloody dog" and then all the machines hooked up to her start bleeping and blinking. Not a good sign. Everyone yells medicalese while Kevin panics.

Next on The Young and the Restless: Heather offers Amber a deal and the drama intensifies between Jill and Ji Min.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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