The Young and the Restless: August 24 Live Thoughts
The Young and the Restless: August 24 Live Thoughts
Phyllis, in anticipation of her sentencing hearing today, has drawn up divorce and custody papers for Nick.  If she is sentenced to the maximum term, she wants Nick to divorce and get full custody of Summer.  Nick sweetly tears up the papers.  He says that he might divorce her for making terrible coffee on a daily basis, but not because of whatever happens in court.  She asks him not to come to the hearing.

Sharon doesn't want to go to the hearing, but Jack has agreed to go to be a sympathetic face in the audience.

Michael comes to Phyllis's to go over some last-minute details before the hearings.  He advises her to remorseful when she speaks, stoic when she has to listen to something she doesn't like, and not to smile her beautiful smile.

Neil walks in to Sharon's office to go to court together.  Sharon doesn't want to go, but Neil wants Sharon to go to make sure that Phyllis gets what she deserves.  Phyllis and Michael are swarmed by reporters as they walk into the courthouse.  Meanwhile, Phyllis tries to convince Daniel not to come, but he insists that he wants to.  He runs down the hallway to the elevator--Neil is already in the elevator--which, I'm sure, will make for an awkward ride down to the lobby.

When we return from the break, the hearing is already underway, with Brad on the stand.  He is going on and on about how evil Phyllis is.  She breaks her promise to Michael by making an incredulous, non-stoic expression on her face.

Next to testify is Nikki.  Nikki pulls no punches.  She says that Phyllis cost her a spot on the Newman board of directors.

Now, Neil is called up to the stand.  Interestingly, they don' t ask him to swear to tell the truth.  He talks about how Phyllis's actions have resulted in people doubting Neil's worth and talent.  He also says that Phyllis is responsible for his wife's death, but the judge lightly reprimands him for that statement.

Now, Lily Winters is called up.  Michael objects that Lily's testimony isn't germane to Phyllis's case at hand, but the judge allows it.

Lily is in the middle of her testimony.  The judge allows her to discuss her mother's death, as long as she doesn't accuse anyone of murder.  Lily says that her mother had a fight with her friend because of Phyllis and one thing led to another and that's why Drusilla is dead now.  I have to say that her logic isn't entirely clear.  She describes her sob story about how her dad can't look at Dru's clothes anymore, and how none of them want to go on vacation next week because they're all sad.

Daniel's turn.  He defends his mother, as expected.  He says she's a lousy cook, but good at takeout, she's a loving person and not evil.  Everyone in the courtroom must be hearing the soft guitar and string music that accompanies Daniel's testimony, because they all look a bit remorseful.

At that moment, we hear Summer crying in the hallway.  Turns out, Nick's come to the courthouse because he wants to speak on behalf of his wife.  On the stand, he relates an anecdote that he conveniently remembers through the fog of amnesia about a time when Phyllis defended a little kid from a group of big bullies, and magically made them all laugh.

Finally, it is Phyllis's turn on the stand.  The judge calls a fifteen minute recess.

Neil offers to take Lily and Devon out for an expensive lunch to get their mind off the case.  Devon agrees, but Lily wants to wait until the end of the hearing.  She insists, so they offer to stay with her.

During the break, Nick and Brad exchange heated words.

After commercials, Sharon has brought Noah to the coffeehouse for smoothies.  He keeps telling Sharon that she was responsible for putting Phyllis in this position because of her testimony.  Sharon artfully dodges his questions about whether she thinks Phyllis is a bad person.

We immediately cut to the courtroom.  Phyllis is on the stand, tearfully apologizing to everyone who spoke out against her earlier.  Michelle Stafford is really chewing the scenery here.  Phyllis ends her speech with, "I know I"m guilty and I should go to jail," but if they punish her, then they will be punishing her daughter as well.  She begs and pleads for the judge to take Summer into account when he makes his decision.

The judge is about to make his decision, but Sharon crashes the court with Noah.  She asks if Noah can make a testimony.  He's very cute and made a list of things he likes about Phyllis.  Then, Sharon says she has something to say to.  She goes up to the stand.  Sharon defends Phyllis, saying her actions were made because of bad judgment and not malice.  She confirms that Phyllis has been a good step-mother to Noah.  She has come to terms with Phyllis's mistake.  Finally, the judge calls the court to recess, and we get a split-screen showing the various groups of people involved in the case.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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