The Young and the Restless: August 15 Live Thoughts
The Young and the Restless: August 15 Live Thoughts
Last time on The Young and the Restless: 

We open on a tense courtoom scene.  Everyone is waiting for Phyllis who has threatened to run off with Summer.  The judge allows them to wait one hour.

After the opening credits, Cane says Amber is like the ebola virus.  Amber is on the phone applying for a receptionist position, but it doesn't go well.  "No, I am not a convicted felon.  It hasn't even gone to trial yet."  Things don't seem to be going well for our Amber.

Finally, Phyllis shows up at the courtroom with the baby.  She had driven as far as Milwaukee, but lost her nerve.

Victoria still doesn't want to find out the sex of the baby, but JT is doing his best to change her mind.  Ooh!  they just decided that they want to find out!  Excitement.

Back at the courtroom.  The jury has not reached a verdict!  Dun dun dun!  There are some funny, understated exclamations from the extras in the scene.

Back from commercials, we find out that the jury did come to a decision, but then at the last minute, one juror changed her mind.  The judge calls for a recess, and then asks the juror to identify herself.  Somehow, that seems like a breach of some kind of law.

Michael asks for a mistrial.  The judge interviewed the juror and concludes that her change of heart was honest and not due to coercion, so he denies the request for a mistrial.

Meanwhile at the coffeehouse, Amber is still looking for a job, this time as a hotel maid.  Cane comes to see her to tell that he has something important to tell and that she should come by the house.

After the break, we are still in the courtroom.  Phyllis is hoping for the best.  Michael forbids her from going anywhere until this is over.

Victoria and JT look at sonogram pictures of the baby.

Cane asks Amber to sign the divorce papers.  Amber still claims to love him, but he says that she only loves his family's money.  He promises that if she doesn't serve time at the Wisconsin State Penitentiary, then he will make sure that she will go to Nevada, where she will face charges.  (How funny is it that Y&R is set in the great state of Wisconsin?  Where's the cheese?  Where's the obesity?)

Back from the break, Amber signs the papers.  The potato sack dress of hers is doing her no favors.  Cane exits, leaving Amber alone in the house.  Kay comes in and finds here there. 

The wait for the jury's verdict is excruciatingly slow.  I realize that soaps have slow pacing anyway, but this is ridiculous.  While we wait, the two attorneys trade menacing words in the empty courtroom.

Daniel finally comes clean to his mom Phyllis that he was fired from his job, allowing Nick to perform expository duties about the porn-site security breach that Daniel caused.

Right before the next commercial break, Sharon confesses to Brad that she kissed Nick.

Now time for some exposition.  Jack tells Daniel that he after his divorce, he thought he'd never love another woman again, but he fell in love with Sharon and is now happy.  We cut to Sharon and Brad, where with some dramatic irony, Sharon tells Brad about the bank vault kiss.  Brad gives her this sage advice: "Sharon, while you're happily married, don't kiss other men."  My spidey sense tells me that maybe they won't be happily married for long?

Adrian tells Amber that he dropped the trespassing charges against her, but then offers to help her find the money; he wants to split it with her, 50-50.

Victoria discovers that her baby is a boy.

Back at the courtroom, Michael pleads with Phyllis to settle, but she is adamant that she wants to take her chances with the jury.  At that moment, the bailiff comes in to tell them that the jury has reached a verdict.  Of course, we won't find out in this episode!  Stay tuned!

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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