Aussie Actress Gets Big U.S. Break on 'The Young and the Restless'
Aussie Actress Gets Big U.S. Break on 'The Young and the Restless'
Things are going well in the United States for Australian actress and musician Tammin Sursok.  She has not only landed small parts in two upcoming Hollywood films, Crossing Over and Albino Farm, but also recently joined the cast of CBS' The Young and the Restless, in which she is expected to appear for three years.

"I booked three jobs in a week for some reason,'' the 23-year-old actress told The Sunday Telegraph from the Los Angeles set of the drama series.  "I don't know what was going on but something was going my way.  I was just very lucky.  The whole thing is you get out here and audition, audition, audition and hopefully something sticks.''

Tammin Sursok is most known for her portrayal of Dani Sutherland on the Australian television series, Home and Away.  She stayed with the show until 2004, after which she spent two years auditioning for various parts in Hollywood.  All of her hard work and patience has paid off, and she is now on the brink of attaining an equally successful acting career in the American entertainment industry.

On The Young and the Restless, Tammin Sursok plays Colleen Carlton, daughter of Brad Carlton (Don Diamont) and Traci Abbott Connelly (Beth Maitland).  The role previously belonged to Emmy Award winning-actress Adrienne Leon, who was unexpectedly let go from the show in June.  Prior to Leon, the character was portrayed by  actress Lyndsy Fonseca.

The Young and the Restless, which debuted in 1973 in CBS, follows the story of two wealthy families, the Newmans and the Abbots.  Sursok said that her character “comes in as a good girl” but then eventually gets involved in some scandals.

“I fall in love with my teacher and then I have an affair with one of the main guys,” she said.

Although The Young and the Restless airs on the Australian subscription channel, Foxtel, Sursok's fans from down under will have to wait until next year to catch her debut on the soap opera.

-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

Source: The Sunday Telegraph
(Image Courtesy of Tammin Sursok's Official Website)