'The X Factor' Recap: Paula Is All Out of Cards
'The X Factor' Recap: Paula Is All Out of Cards
The X Factor results are in, America! Steve Jones is looking dapper as ever. He and our favorite judges, Simon, Paula, LA and Nicole, are here to wave goodbye -- more like shake their heads or cry -- for the two unlucky acts leaving us tonight. Bring it on!

Could we possibly figure out a concrete, set-in-stone format for the live result shows? I'm just saying, it would make things a lot easier for everyone involved.

Special Guest Performance: Kelly Clarkson -- 'Stronger'

Looks like Kelly picked a futuristic/2D-animated theme instead of the Roaring Twenties theme she had for the AMAs. Good choice. I'm sure she feels more at ease to do what she pleases, since this isn't the American Idol stage! Yet is this not the shortest performance ever? I hope none of you were really looking forward to this because if you even thought about blinking, you missed it.

Here's everyone's favorite part! The oh-so-emotional montage! Try to sing along with the snippets, if you can.

Final 9 -- 'Raise Your Glass' and 'So What' by Pink

Okay, so this is pretty darn cute. It's a circus theme. All the contestants are dressed in crazy costumes, along with the dancers in black and white jester suits. I kind of love this ... well, until the end when some of them look a little lost. Great attempt!

Finally! We're sending some acts through to the next round! Silence, please ...

Lakoda Rayne or Drew Ryniewicz ... who do you think is going through? If it were up to me, I would say neither of them should continue on. Unfortunately, my name is not "America."

Eliminated: Lakoda Rayne

So are we still holding on to Paula? Or ... is Simon shipping her back to Idol? Anyhow, Drew lives to see another week.

Howie Mandel pops up in the audience to promote his new show Mobbed. Place your bets on how long you think that show will last.

Special Guest Performance #2: Bruno Mars -- 'It Will Rain'

I feel like I'm being fed subliminal messages. I suddenly want to buy Bruno Mars concert tickets or a big flashy gold wristwatch. The visual effects are seriously intense. Another quick performance, but there's no forgetting that one. Bruno has some really impressive vocals. Beg to differ? Leave me comments!

Now let's send home some more fame-hungry hopefuls! Continuing through are Chris Rene, Rachel Crow and Josh Krajcik.

Does Steve annoy anyone else with these lame commercial break placements? Yet we're still bombarded with X Factor hoopla with Simon Cowell and these Extra Factor applications and Glee's Artie with the Pepsi ads. Yawn ... back to business!

Also going on to next week are Melanie Amaro and Astro. This leaves LeRoy Bell and Marcus Canty at risk of going home. I, for one, am quite appalled. These two will have the chance to fight for survival, though. Isn't it funny how Lakoda Rayne was basically tossed out while these two are at least given a heads-up? Just a thought ...

The Sing-Off: Marcus Canty -- 'You Lost Me' by Christina Aguilera

It's all over. This kid wins. Marcus Canty taking on Christina Aguilera? Well, wait. I think I'm counting my chickens before they hatch. The performance is super short. (Maybe I'm used to the two-hour shows.) Because of the shortage, I feel like he doesn't really connect as well as he usually does. Hmm ...

LeRoy Bell -- 'Don't Bring Me Down' by The Beatles

Did Mr. Bell just outshine the hot, young twentysomething? He just might have. Even though the song choice is mediocre, he presents his personality a bit more than his rival. He sounds good. It isn't his best performance, but it might work.

The Judges' Table

Remember, the judges give their votes for who they want to send home. LA: LeRoy Bell. Nicole: Marcus Canty. Paula: Marcus Canty. Simon: LeRoy Bell. DEADLOCK!

Based on America's votes, the gentleman eliminated is ... LeRoy Bell. My question about Paula still has not been answered, but I suppose we will find that out next week when we lose another TWO acts! The X Factor will return to its regular spot on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8/7c. I wish everyone a very happy Thanksgiving! Stay safe!

Jilliane Johnson
Contributing Writer

(Image courtesy of FOX)