'The X Factor USA' Top 9: Which Two Acts are Going Home?
'The X Factor USA' Top 9: Which Two Acts are Going Home?
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
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Last night, the X Factor top 9 gave thanks with big, sweeping songs about love and appreciation (or, in some cases, songs about really wanting a boyfriend or having fans in Nova Scotia). 

But tonight, America and the judges won't quite return the fuzzy feelings for two unlucky acts, as our votes combined with the judges' final say will turn the Top 9 into the Top 7 by the end of the episode. 

If you ask me -- and if you're here, that's exactly what you're doing -- here are the acts who may, should, could and/or will get sent home tonight. Just in time to wallow in a massive, self-indulgent pile of turkey, gravy and sorrow tomorrow, because, in the wise word of Steve Jones when he broke up that fight between Simon and L.A. Reid last night, "Thanksgiving." 

Most Deserving of Elimination

Lakoda Rayne
I said Lakoda Rayne were most likely to go home last week, and then they got called safe first. Shows how much I know. Maybe I should have changed "Most Likely" to "Act I'd Most Like to" -- which is essentially this category right here. But I'd like to think those labels would coincide better, because the cold, hard, objective truth remains that Lakoda Rayne are the worst remaining act on this show. Boy, they sure are pretty though (and their individual voices are, too), which can make it hard to remember that their harmonies are basic and often sloppy. Another tricky thing? The Lakoda ladies' image and performances have been inconsistent, which can tempt us into thinking they're constantly just on the verge of getting it right, except that they're always consistent in one way, in that they are cheesy. And here's a fun fact that ought to evoke laughter and discomfort from any self-respecting adult: their fans are apparently called Rayne Drops. No, that is not cute. That is ridiculous. After toeing the line between silly-fun and stupid-bad for too many weeks, I think we all know which side Lakoda Rayne has firmly landed on. 

Should Be Worried

The Whole Boys' Category
Each of L.A.'s boys had some problems this week that could lead to fewer votes coming their way -- but with each, it's also hard to say:
  • Astro's performance was strong, but it all comes down to his attitude, which may not have been repentant enough for some. He chose to thank his fanbase rather than appeal to the masses. Whether that fanbase will return the love with a swarm of votes, or whether the more widespread opinion that he's an ungrateful little punk will prevail, is the question of the night. 
  • Chris Rene put on arguably his best performance since his first audition, but it also included the song he performed in his first audition. He appealed to people's emotions with his inspiring story about overcoming a life-threatening drug addiction, but that's also the same story we heard when he first auditioned. You see where I'm going with this? I hope Chris survives the week, but I also worry for him. So far, "Young Homie" is his only note that has really resonated, but if he draws on it again, he'll be deemed too one-note. I ask you: What's a young homie to do? 
  • Marcus Canty inspired tears and swoons with an ode to his mama. His talent is undoubtable, but my fear for him is that he has yet to become the commanding, compelling, "don't just vote for me because you like me, vote for me because I'm THE ONE" performer that Josh Krajcik and Melanie Amaro are both starting to morph into.

LeRoy Bell
You say to-MAY-to, I say to-MAH-to. Now, replace "to-MAY-to" with "LeRoy's talented and consistent and experienced and not to mention sexy," and "to-MAH-to" with "LeRoy's boring." Neither is exactly wrong, but neither represents the whole story, either. He still has time to change the story, though -- if he survives the night.

I should mention that, while I'd be highly shocked to see Drew in the bottom four, she also has some Marcus- and LeRoy-like issues to sort out before next week, lest she find herself on the bubble rather than atop a skyscraper.

Which TWO acts do you think should/will go home tonight on The X Factor
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