'The X Factor' Recap: Few Truly Shine on MJ Night
'The X Factor' Recap: Few Truly Shine on MJ Night
Tonight on The X Factor, brace yourself. The remaining contestants perform songs from the late, great Michael Jackson. We already lost two contestants last week, but tomorrow we will lose two more.

Plus, Paula is now the only partial judge. (What does that say about her as a mentor? Think about it.)

Is anyone else scared about some of these performances? I'm thinking Marcus Canty, Melanie Amaro and Josh Krajcik will be pretty good. As for everyone else ...

Jackson Surprise!

Brothers Marlon, Tito and Jackie Jackson are in the building! No pressure, everyone. Kids Prince, Paris and Blanket as well as mother Catherine Jackson are also in attendance. The X Factor is "my favorite show," says "Momma" Jackson. How cute is she!

Josh Krajcik -- 'Dirty Diana'

One of my personal favorites, Josh is trying out his own spin on it. It starts off a little weak and there is a lot of music and distraction with the half-naked women, but it sounds pretty good. No one can deny his guitar playing skills are impressive, though. Oh yeah, and my previous prediction was proven WRONG!

Astro -- 'Black or White'

The production looks great. All the dancers are dressed as dancing soldiers and Astro even does a little jig at the end. He has some fun with it, but I don't believe it's his best performance. Astro really needs to find another way to wow the crowd. The same format will get old eventually. Every judge but Nicole loves it, though.

Drew Ryniewicz -- 'Billie Jean'

Simon has struck gold with me on this performance. Drew is sitting on a chair, looking like a schoolgirl under a spotlight singing, almost pleading the audience to believe when she says "the kid is not my son." I love it. Her voice sounds great on this track. So now, next week, Drew should really do a fun song.

Rachel Crow -- 'Can You Feel It'

So Rachel is cute, we all know this, but ... this isn't working. There's too much sparkle with the outfits, the gloves, the shows, the disco balls ... Plus, her vocals could be a lot better. Rachel seems to be very much out of her element this week. Side note: Simon does not take criticism well. As if we weren't already aware of this after a bazillion years of American Idol.

Marcus Canty -- 'PYT'

This choice of song is perfect for Marcus. The entire set-up is like something from the Marcus Canty "I Don't Want to Be in the Bottom 3 Again" Tour. He even had some audience participation going after a back-flip and great vocals. Everyone loves it except for Simon. Apparently, he thinks he knows what it takes to perform as part of a spectacle. I would pay to see that.

Chris Rene -- 'I'll Be There'

You know, it's hard not to feel for this guy whenever he steps onstage. I can respect his dedication to commit to the song in MJ fashion, but the vocals are not his strongest. Chris connects to the lyrics and the audience, more importantly. Paula makes a point tonight, though. He does his best when he can rely on his original lyrics.

Melanie Amaro -- 'What About Us'

Once again, she is in her element. With a choir-like back-up, Melanie shines and dominates, both in her leather outfit and her performance. Nicole says, "If that performance doesn't save a small country, I don't know what will!" Quite extreme, but I believe I understand how she feels. Best of the night, easily.

That's all folks, until tomorrow. Tune in to The X Factor to see which two contestants will be leaving the competition. Tiny Tempah will also be onboard for a special guest performance!

Jilliane Johnson
Contributing Writer

(Image courtesy of FOX)