'The Walking Dead' Recap: What Happened to Baby Judith?
'The Walking Dead' Recap: What Happened to Baby Judith?
Megan Cole
Megan Cole
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When we last saw our survivors, the Governor and his people attacked the prison. The Governor killed Hershel before getting a bullet between the eyes and the prison had to be abandoned. In the chaos, our survivors split off into many separate groups. Daryl and Beth formed one of those groups, while Maggie was last seen helping Sasha with an injured Bob. Tyreese left the prison with Carol's would-be daughters and poor Glenn was last seen on the bus with a group of background characters.

In this week's episode, "Inmates," we find out what happens to everyone -- other than last week's trio of Rick, Carl and Michonne -- after they leave the prison. Read on to find out if this episode of The Walking Dead can deliver that mix of sweet zombie action and rich character development we crave.

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The Depressing Adventures of Beth and Daryl

This week's episode begins on such a mixed note. Remember that journal we saw Beth writing in earlier this season? We get to hear one of those entries via voice-over. As past-Beth writes about how she thinks they have found a safe haven at the prison, current-Beth and Daryl narrowly escape a group of walkers. Later that night, Beth clings to the hope that some of the others made it out of the prison. She thinks they should go looking for survivors, but Daryl is so defeated he barely finds the energy to follow her.

They come across some tracks in the woods and follow them to several gruesome sights throughout the day. Beth tries to keep the faith, as her father so often did, but things are looking pretty bleak. With no success in locating any of their friends or loved ones, Beth ends the day by burning the entries from her journal and looking even more depressed than Daryl.

Carol Returns

For those wondering about the fate of baby Judith, she is alive and well. Tyreese grabbed her when he fled the prison with Lizzie and Mika, the girls Carol was looking after. Tyreese and the kids manage to survive their first day, post-prison, but they keep worrying that Judith's cries will draw the walkers to them. When Tyreese hears some screams, he goes off to help the screamers in case they are survivors from the prison. He leaves Lizzie and Mika to look after each other and baby Judith. This turns out to be a mistake, as Lizzie almost smothers Judith to keep her from crying. Luckily, Carol finds the girls before Lizzie kills Judith. Yes, Carol is back in action!

Tyreese is thrilled to see Carol because he still does not know that Rick banished her from the prison for killing Karen and David. When Carol realizes he is still in the dark, she lies and says she stayed behind to look for more supplies while Rick returned to the prison. She arrived at the prison in time to see the end of the fight and followed Tyreese's group.

Tyreese's attempt to save the screaming people from the prison leads to one good thing. The last remaining survivor -- who will be dead soon enough thanks to a walker bite -- tells them to follow the railroad tracks to a place where they will be safe. They follow said tracks and find a sign that promises "sanctuary for all" and "Those who arrive survive." On this show, one should never trust anything that seems too good to be true. I recommend running in the other direction.

Maggie Chooses the Anger Stage of Grief

While Sasha tends to Bob's gunshot wound, Maggie makes a plan to go after Glenn. Since Bob and Sasha are convinced they should all stay together, they follow Maggie in the hopes of finding other survivors. Bob and Sasha flirt while discussing the odds of anyone else surviving and if they should look for shelter instead of going on a probable suicide mission.

When they find the bus, it is swarmed with walkers, but Maggie has to know if Glenn is among them. With help from Sasha and Bob, Maggie leads the walkers off of the bus and picks them off one by one. Maggie then gets on the bus to finish the search and is both devastated and relieved that Glenn is not there.

Maggie seems to be running on pure emotion at this point, channeling her anger into her walker kills. But how long can she survive on anger alone? And will said anger cause Maggie to make a fatal mistake?

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Glenn Makes a New Friend

Hey, Glenn, you just survived the flu-like illness that took out so many of your fellow survivors. What are you going to do next? Alas, there are no victory trips to Disney World in Glenn's future. Instead, he will be fighting walkers in his already-weakened state.

Glenn got off the bus to try to help his friends, but got left behind all on his own. He heads back into the prison, and after taking a moment to break down, he stocks up on supplies and riot gear. Glenn comes out all geared-up and ready to go, but then he spots Tara. Glenn chooses to help her, rather than running for his life.

Glenn and Tara make it out of the prison before Tara lets it slip that the Governor killed Hershel. Glenn is devastated by Hershel's loss, but he decides to take Hershel's advice and holds on to the belief that Maggie is still alive. Glenn knows that he will need Tara's help if he wants to find Maggie, so he teams up with the woman who fought for the Governor. Of course, Glenn is still recovering from that flu-like illness, so it is no surprise when he collapses at the end of the episode.

A Welcome Arrival

As Tara tries to wake Glenn up, a truck approaches and out pops three new characters. Book fans should be thrilled by the arrivals of Abraham, Rosita and Eugene, but how will Glenn feel about the newbies? What did you think of their introduction? And how will the trio fit in with the rest of our survivors?

The Big Questions

Now that Carol has returned, will Tyreese find out that she was banished for killing his girlfriend? And was Carol the real culprit or was she covering for someone? Lizzie seemingly murdered those poor bunnies, so we can assume she is the one who killed those animals back at the prison. Does that mean she was also the one feeding the walkers? And since Lizzie's first attempt at baby-murder failed, will she try again?

Glenn is working with Tara for the time being, but will the others be so quick to welcome her into the group? Or will she be shunned for her part in the prison attack? How long will we have to wait for Glenn and Maggie to be reunited?

What did you think of this week's episode? One of my favorite things about this episode is the out-of-sequence moments where the characters almost crossed paths. Did you like that element and do you think they will continue to have those near-miss meet-ups? Is Lilly really dead or did Tara unknowingly leave her sister behind? Are Bob and Sasha headed for a romance? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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