'The Walking Dead' Best Tweets: 'Pretty Much Dead Already'
'The Walking Dead' Best Tweets: 'Pretty Much Dead Already'
The top tweets about the mid-season finale "Pretty Much Dead Already" are below:

#10. @aishatyler
"Rick Perry's plan is to ride a horse to the border like Daryl on the Walking Dead & fight the Mexican Drug cartels with his crossbow."

-I find that I enjoy politics much more when my favorite show are integrated into political policies.

#9. @cc52yankees
"Lori Grimes is a spot on lookalike of...Rick Grimes. It's like when pets start to look like their owners."

-More like when pet owners start to look like their pets. On purpose.

#8. @hollywoodninja
"Sunday night is the only time zombies can topple the Force. Sorry Jedis."

-It's the ol' TV interest hierarchy.

#7. @imjustnora
"No matter how often I explain to my grandfather that the Walking Dead is about zombies, he insists on calling them "the crazy carnies".

-I like it! New show: "The Crazy Carnies" starring this kid's grandpa.

#6. @MacTwelve
"I'm lovin' this soap opera about a group of homeless people and their love triangles, except sometimes a zombie will show up."

-Also, a lack of soap.

#5. @hashtagraiders
"I hope they find Sophia, then her mom's face get's ripped off. Dale's too. And Andrea."

-Harsh words. I agree 100 percent.

#4. @adamant330
"I'm expectin' some old-school zombie melee mayhem this week, the Walking Dead. No more d*ckin' around the ol' farm!"

-Ah, the good ol' bodily-fluids-to-the-face bit. Love it.

#3. @mikestrikesback
"I hope Maury's on hand to deal with the paternity issues."

-In zombie form, preferably.

#2. @elegantdepartur
"Does a paraplegic zombie self-loathe everytime they are referred to as a walker?"

-This brings up the wheelchair zombie debate from last week. Poor things.

#1. @beautifulxevil
"Lol! Those Zombies are just chilling behind that door thinkin' 'Hey did someone order fast food?'"

-More like convience store nachos, but whatever.

That is it for tonight, folks. Join me in 77 days when the season picks up on February 12. See ya!

Amber Lee
Fan Columnist

(Image courtesy of AMC)