6 Reasons Why 'The Grove' was the Most Exciting 'Walking Dead' Episode in Weeks
6 Reasons Why 'The Grove' was the Most Exciting 'Walking Dead' Episode in Weeks
Gina Vaynshteyn
Gina Vaynshteyn
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
If you know me, you should already understand that I love character development. I don't mind when a show takes its sweet time to unravel a plot twist or epic change, and that's why I keep watching The Walking Dead. With that said, I also love exciting episodes that have me screaming at my TV and violently clutching my bag of sweet potato chips. "The Grove" was one of those episodes because:

1. Lizzy is a Twisted Sister

Yup, I just made an 80s hair metal pun. You love it.  Anyway, we all knew Lizzy was a little bit messed up, although initially I thought she was just a tough cookie. When she shot one of the Governor's newly acquainted cronies straight in the head, I was like, "Damn, girl! You get 'em!" But when we saw her legitimately think about killing Judith, I questioned whether Lizzy had any sense of morality. 

This girl has a warped concept of death, and it shows when she begs Tyreese not to kill the zombie stuck in the train tracks. Carol later catches her playing with her zombie friend and kills it, informing Lizzy that her "friend" would have eaten her. Lizzy breaks down as though Carol shot her pet dog and throws a temper tantrum. 

She screams, "What if I killed you?" The fact that Lizzy is unable to see the difference between zombies and humans is an issue, but it's more than that. Lizzy values zombies' lives over humans. She didn't feel a substantial amount of remorse after she killed the people trying to take over the prison, but it clearly causes her incredible pain to see zombies suffer.

2. It was Super Morbid

Of course, this confusion over the value of human life is presented perfectly when Lizzy does exactly what we all (on some level) expected: she kills her own sister in hopes of gaining a new zombie friend and showing Carol and Tyreese that zombies are good people, too. And she almost kills Judith, except Carol reasons,"she can't even walk yet! She would make such a crappy zombie, crawling all over the place!" 

3. It Kind of References Of Mice and Men, Which is Cool

Lennie, George's mentally handicapped friend, accidentally kills a woman, so George has to kill him out of mercy. I'm not sure whether TWD did this on purpose, but I like finding literary allusions in zombie shows, so it works either way for me. 

4. It Showed Us What Carol is Made Of

Whether people agree with them or not, Carol makes all the hard decisions and executes them (sorry, no pun intended). When Tyreese's love interest Karen showed signs of the contagious and deadly virus, Carol knew she had to kill her to stop it from spreading. 

After Carol sees what Lizzy is capable of and that her issues with zombies will put everyone (especially Judith) in harm's way, she knows what she has to do. She can't be around other people. Like George in Of Mice and Men, she kills someone incredibly close to her. She shoots a child in the head because she knows there is no other way. 

5. Carol Confesses, but Tyreese Doesn't Kill Her

This scene was hard to watch because we all know how much Tyreese suffered, yet most of us are on Carol's side and were pretty upset with Rick when he ostracized her. Thankfully, Tyreese forgives her (but does not forget!) and everyone can just put that terrible time behind them. Hooray.

6. Beth is Kidnapped

FINALLY someone gets kidnapped! I know Hershel and Michonne were technically kidnapped, Maggie and Glenn were taken by Merle, and Andrea is held hostage by the Governor (okay, totally her own fault) but that was a long time ago and TWD was starting to become too calm. Clearly, the funeral home was set as a trap, so now we get to find out who is behind all of this. So much excitement!

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