'The Voice' Sneak Peeks: Battle Rounds Begin, and Christina Under Attack?
'The Voice' Sneak Peeks: Battle Rounds Begin, and Christina Under Attack?
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Are you ready for battle? The Voice contestants better be, because they're about to face-off in the ring starting tomorrow evening. And even though they'll use voices instead of fists, these fights will still be tough. And, more likely than not, heart-breaking.

Then again, a couple fists may enter the picture. According to reports like this one from Hollywood Junket, after Christina Aguilera's team members Frenchie and Tarralyn duke it out on tomorrow night's episode of The Voice, her decision on who should stay "resulted in a minimal physical attack to her by the competitor's family member in which Aguilera called-out for security while off-stage." This comes "according to several audience witness testimonials." C'mon, people! This certainly puts a new spin on the whole "Battle Round" thing -- a new, shameful spin.

But it sounds like Christina came out unscathed, so let's put a pin in that and check out four sneak peeks at how the battles will work tomorrow night:

Preview: Let the Battles Begin
I've been wondering how the "battle rounds" will work out, logistically, and now we know, thanks to this preview of Vicci and some other girl on Cee Lo's team going at it. I'm just happy to see they have not been instructed to sing over each other. And here's what I'm wondering now: If the producers don't elect to combine the words "duet" and "duel" and call these performances "duelets," then honestly, WHAT IS EVEN THE POINT OF WATCHING THIS SHOW?

Sneak Peek, Part 1
Ah, sorry, I got a little carried away with the "duelet" thing. Even if no one says it (THEY BETTER SAY IT) there are still plenty of reasons to watch. For example, Sia! Watch as Tarralyn and Frenchie prepare to battle each other with Xtina and their guest advisor, Sia. Check out what they're singing, and Frenchie's face when she says the word "face."

Sneak Peek, Part 2
Tarralyn and Frenchie are feeling the tension as they prepare to battle. Wait, did I say "tension"? Noooo tension. But why wouldn't there be, when you're standing in a giant, glass Gladiator-style death-match ring? That still doesn't excuse someone's family member coming after Coach Xtina, though.

Sneak Peek, Part 3
It's BATTLE TIME! Frenchie and Tarralyn perform "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)." And what I just realized is that this is basically like Ru Paul's Drag Race "Lipsync for Your Life." But instead of "lipsync," it's "actually sing, and showboat the hell out of it."

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The battle rounds begin tomorrow night, Tuesday, May 10 at 10pm on NBC. Beyond introducing us to the teams' famous advisers, the episode will also feature the world premiere of coach Blake Shelton's new music video, "Honey Bee."

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