'The Voice' Season 4: Who Will Survive the Knockout Rounds on Team Adam?
'The Voice' Season 4: Who Will Survive the Knockout Rounds on Team Adam?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
The Blind Auditions and Battle Rounds are over on The Voice season 4, and with 32 contestants left, the Knockout Rounds will cut that number in half. Each coach will pit two of their singers against each other, each with their own song, and then pick one winner and one loser.

I have no doubt that Adam Levine's team will be the most excruciating knockouts of the season. His team is super-stacked with talent. Here's his current roster

Amber Carrington
Amy Whitcomb
Judith Hill
Midas Whale
Sarah Simmons
Warren Stone
Caroline Glaser (stolen)
Orlando Dixon (stolen)

The fact that only four of them will move on is shocking. But let's try to figure out who it might be.

DEFINITELY SAFE: Judith Hill and Sarah Simmons

Given how much Adam has propped these two up as the best singers ever and his two best chances to win, there's no way either of them will be going home during the Knockout Rounds. Anyone who is assigned to sing against them shouldn't even waste their time.

DEFINITELY OUT: Amy Whitcomb, Caroline Glaser and Orlando Dixon

The fact that we haven't really seen Amy at all (she got a quicky audition and a quicky battle) is definitely a bad sign for her, especially given how talented Adam's team is. As for his steals, while it's true he was the only coach last season who kept his stolen singers during the Knockout Rounds, this year his original team is just so talented that I can't imagine he would really want to change horses in midstream.

THE MIDDLE OF THE PACK: Amber Carrington, Warren Stone, Midas Whale

Since I'm sure Judith and Sarah are moving on, only two of these three will, and that's not an easy call. Other than the stolen Orlando, Warren is the only solo guy on Team Adam, which might give him an advantage since Adam should want a diverse team heading into viewer voting. But Amber Carrington is, in my opinion, the better country singer, something Adam desperately wants on his team. Finally, Adam knows that Midas Whale has a ton of charisma and could absolutely score plenty of votes from the viewing public.


Obviously I'm going with Judith Hill and Sarah Simmons. Because of the need for a solo male vocalist, I'm also predicting Warren Stone will survive the Knockout Rounds. Finally, I think the charisma of Midas Whale will win the day, leaving the immensely talented Amber Carrington out of the competition.

What do you think about Team Adam on The Voice season 4? Which four contestants will survive the Knockout Rounds?

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