'The Voice' Results: 2 Go Home from the Top 8
'The Voice' Results: 2 Go Home from the Top 8
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Another Tuesday, another results show on The Voice. Two more singers will go home and there are plenty of mysteries. Will Shakira or Usher be knocked out of the competition as their final singer goes home? Will Adam Levine or Blake Shelton finally lose a member of their teams? Does any of this matter since we all know Danielle Bradbery is going to win?

And most importantly, now that NBC doesn't need to try and get viewers to stick around for an all-new Grimm, will The Voice actually eliminate the singers at a reasonable time instead of waiting until the clock ticks down to the final seconds?

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Based on the iTunes charts, I'm predicting that the two worst-selling singers, Sasha Allen and Judith Hill, are going home. This could be a diva bloodbath. Holly Tucker, Sarah Simmons and The Swon Brothers could also be in dange.

We also get Sheryl Crow to sing her new song, "Easy." My fingers are crossed that she does a classic too (like Rod Stewart did) and busts out "All I Wanna Do." Can you believe Crow's first album was released 20 years ago? Way to make me feel old. And way to look hot as hell for a woman in her 50s.

This is The Voice live blog!

Aside from results and Crow performing with Team Blake (of course Team Blake gets even MORE screentime), the finalists will perform duets. For some reason, even though it makes no sense, I want The Swon Brothers to team up with Michelle Chamuel (but sadly, Michelle is going with Judith Hill).

"Easy" by Sheryl Crow featuring Team Blake

I'll try to avoid a lovefest and just say that I love Sheryl Crow and her music. This is my kind of country. Also, she clearly respects The Voice because she lets all the members of Team Blake sing a lot more than past professionals have. It's a shame the show is keeping its coaches the same for the next to season, because I feel like a lot of the advisers are talented and seem willing enough to be potential future coaches. There's probably a pool of 10 or so singers who would serve as coaches, and Sheryl is probably one of them.

It's time to talk to the coaches. Adam Levine thinks taking risks is more important than playing it safe. Blake Shelton coughs and I'm fairly certain he just said "Bullshit" on live TV (I rewound it, and yes, Blake ABSOLUTELY said "bullshit," though it sounds like by the time he reached the "I," he realized he can't say it). Adam then slams Blake, saying he just lets his singers do whatever they want and doesn't really coach them at all. Catfight! Just kiss and make up already. Shakira takes complete responsibility for the inevitability of her last singer, Sasha Allen, being eliminated tonight.

Carson Daly then promotes Blake Shelton's benefit concert for the Oklahoma tornado victims Wednesday at 9pm on NBC. Usher, Rascal Flatts, Luke Bryan, Miranda Lambert, Reba and more will all be there. Starbucks will also give out a free coffee (with an Oklahoma-shaped box in the side of the cup) to anyone who donates at a store tomorrow. Blake shows off his special cup, filled with what Carson calls a "Wild Turkey frappuccino." Yum!

Michelle Chamuel and Judith Hill: "Sweet Nothing" by Calvin Harris

In an awesome way, the quirky nerd and the diva are a perfect fit as they both seem to love electronic music. These two would make a pretty awesome team in the future. And kudos to Michelle for keeping up with the vocally masterful Judith.


The first singer in the Top 6 is...Michelle Chamuel!

Huzzah! I'm not surprised, but I am starting to feel confident that Michelle will definitely join Danielle Bradbery in the finale, and realistically, I think she's the only person who has even the slightest chance of beating Blake's country star. But that chance is, like, maybe 2 percent.

Sasha Allen and The Swon Brothers: "Don't You Wanna Stay" by Jason Aldean

So I guess Sasha drew the short straw. This duet just highlights how amazing she is as a singer and how unimpressive The Swon Brothers are, especially Colton. Even on a country song, she outshines them.


The second singer in the Top 6 is...Danielle Bradbery!

She needs to work on her surprised face. Don't worry, girl, you still have a few weeks until you win to perfect it.

Michelle Chamuel brings out her mom in the Sprint Skybox with Christina Milian. Her mom is adorable. I wonder if Christina knows how much people on the Internet make fun of her. She has too, right? She's the social media correspondent.

Danielle Bradbery and Sarah Simmons: "A Thousand Years" by Christina Perri

What the what? Danielle is singing a non-country song? She actually sounds really good. Hey Blake, why not try letting her outside of the box more often? I still think she needs to work on her eyes, face and acting. Sarah is positively beautiful.

The Voice Confessionals

What is your guilty pleasure? Colton Swon loves The Notebook. Usher has a foot fetish. Michelle Chamuel eats a whole head of lettuce as a snack. Everyone talks about what superheroes Adam and Blake would be. Sadly, no one mentions the obvious: the Ambiguously Gay Duo!


The third singer in the Top 6 is...Sasha Allen!

WOW!!!! I'm shocked, but Shakira is even more surprised, going insane with excitement. This was definitely unexpected. Sasha's jaw drops and Shakira shouts and runs on stage to hug her last hope at victory.

Amber Carrington and Holly Tucker: "Does He Love You" by Reba with Linda Davis

Hey, it's Amber and Amber Lite! Seriously, have there ever been two more indistinguishable contestants? If Holly goes home, I suspect Amber is going to benefit. Still, they sound pretty good together, but that's only because they're the same person as far as I'm concerned.


The fourth singer in the Top 6 is...The Swon Brothers!

Sigh, mediocrity keeps rising to the top. I also want them to be named Zach and Cody instead of Zach and Colton, for the Suite Life references. At least then I could make S.S. Tipton jokes.


Now we're down to Holly Tucker and all three members of Team Adam. I'm worried Holly might be safe, meaning Adam loses two members and we're stuck with all of Team Blake against one each from the other three coaches.

The fifth singer in the Top 6 is...Amber Carrington!
The sixth singer in the Top 6 is...Holly Tucker!

Judith Hill and Sarah Simmons ARE ELIMINATED!

I've never been so angry to be right in the final moments. Adam Levine loses two singers in one week and now we're left with all three members of Team Blake vs. one each from Adam, Shakira and Usher.

This is bad news for The Voice. Having one coach so completely dominate the competition is demoralizing to the others AND to non-country music fans who are now angry that Adam Levine's "take risks" strategy is a loser while "all country all the time" is working like gangbusters.

I really hope two members of Team Blake go home next week so we have a final four with one singer from each team, but I don't think that will happen. I'm afraid that we could very well have a final four that boasts everyone from Team Blake and just one other singer.

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