'The Voice' Recap: Does Blake Dominate with the Southern Singers?
'The Voice' Recap: Does Blake Dominate with the Southern Singers?
Beth Reynolds
Beth Reynolds
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Are you ready for another night of The Voice season 12 Blind Auditions and a fresh crop of singers looking to have their lives changed with the single turn of a chair? Coaches Adam, Gwen, Alicia and Blake each have less than 10 spots open on their teams. This round of auditions includes some explosive performances, including a four-chair turn that has everyone battling it out.

How close will the coaches come to rounding out their teams during night six of the Blinds? Let's find out in this recap!

Kenny P. ("Hello It's Me")

Kenny P. and his wife moved from Cleveland, Ohio, to Nashville, Tennessee, in order to pursue his musical career. To save money while he played music for tips six nights a week, the couple built their own "tiny house" made up of less than 500 square feet.

Gwen is the first to turn around, saying, "I don't care, he's good," before she presses her button. Blake follows closely behind, turning his chair seconds before the completion of the song. Blake comments on his cool mustache and tells him he could make a fortune paddling singing boats in Italy. Blake tells Adam he looks like the Hamburglar. Kenny states that since he moved to Nashville, he plays much more country than he used to.

Result: Kenny chooses Team Gwen

Enid Ortiz ("All I Ask")

Enid is a Medical Assistant for a pediatric doctor's office in Tampa, Florida. She plays with a band called the Ragged Old Souls but is ready to go after a larger scale opportunity. While growing up with a skin condition that causes her to avoid leaving her home, she spends most of her days writing music.

Blake turns around at the last second. Enid tells Alicia that she's her spirit animal, and Alicia gives her a pep talk about not caring what other people think.

Result: Enid chooses Team Alicia

RJ Collins ("Purpose")

After graduating college, RJ began working at Guitar Center, where he spends time after hours playing the various instruments. RJ's older brother, Randy, convinced him to focus on his love for music but was killed by police officers back in 2009. After he passed, RJ became more motivated to pursue music more seriously.

Adam turns around within five seconds of the beginning of the song. Alicia turns around towards the end of the performance, and Adam gives a standing ovation when it ends. Alicia tells RJ that his soul comes through in his music and that we need beautiful black men like him to shine through. Even though Adam pleads a strong case, it's obvious he doesn't stand a chance against RJ's love for Alicia.

Result: RJ chooses Team Alicia

Austin Tyler Jones ("Alison")

As the son of a piano teacher, Austin has been involved in music since he was a young child. He wakes up at 4:30 in the morning to work at a coffee shop. Austin met his wife in eighth grade but didn't begin dating her until high school. Austin is joined by his wife and two kids backstage.

None of the coaches turn around for Austin. Blake tells him he's a great singer, but his style lacks urgency and the performance was too relaxed for him. Adam compliments his song choice and praises his performance.

TSoul ("Take Me to the River")

TSoul has been playing professional music for six years all over the world and has a viral fan base online. His whole family is wearing TSoul t-shirts. Although the majority of his income comes from music shows, he's looking for a more dependable career. The first song TSoul learned to play on the piano was "Fallin'" by Alicia Keys.

Adam turns around right at the beginning of the song, quickly followed by Blake. After the performance, Adam flatters TSoul's ability, telling him to "come home." Blake comments that he loves TSoul's speaking voice too, commenting on its herbs and spices.

Result: TSoul chooses Team Blake

Andrea Thomas and Davina Leone

Blake also adds a former Carrie Underwood back-up singer named Andrea Thomas, and Gwen adds a successful female YouTube singer named Davina Leone.

Hanna Eyre ("Blank Space")

Hanna is only 15 years old and is the oldest of four children. When she was 5, Hanna began learning how to play the piano, and three years ago she began giving children piano lessons. Although she loves the piano, Hanna's passions are singing and songwriting.

Adam is the first to turn around, motioning for her to relax when she gets visibly excited on stage while singing. Blake also turns around toward the end of the song, quickly followed by Gwen. Adam calls her "sweet Hanna" and tells her she is miraculously talented, complimenting her ability to pull herself together and knock out the rest of the song under the pressure of the coaches turning around. After Gwen expresses her desire to befriend and mentor her, Blake gushes over her sparkling smile.

Result: Hanna picks Team Adam

Casey Jamerson ("Shadows of the Night")

Casey grew up dedicated to athletics, from cheerleading to softball, and she was given a full ride in softball. However, she soon realized she wanted to focus on becoming a performer and landed a spot in the Broadway production of Bring It On. Case mentions that Gwen Stefani has been a role model for her in both singing and fashion.

None of the coaches turn around for Casey, but Adam tells her she has amazing power to her voice. Alicia recommends that she break down her arrangement into a segment that showcases her abilities more. 

Hunter Plake ("Carry On")

Two months after getting married, floods hit Baton Rouge and they were forced to evacuate their home. Hunter and his wife lost both their new house and their car, so they've been living with his parents ever since. Hunter has never performed on a stage outside of a church.

Gwen turns her chair just a few seconds after the beginning of Hunter's performance, and Alicia turns just before the song comes to a close. Adam compliments the range Hunter showcased due to the song choice, and Alicia expands on his ability to reach a wide expansion of notes. Gwen comments on how she can tell that Hunter's music relates to his heart, and Alicia follows up to get the last word.

Result: Hunter chooses Team Alicia

Nala Price ("Send My Love (To Your New Lover)")

When she was younger, Nala used to spend a majority of her time performing in talent shows and competitions. Nala is only in high school and refers to the audition as the most exciting day of her life.

Adam and Gwen turn around for her almost immediately. Alicia congratulates her and mentions that that song is one of her favorites, and Blake says Nala has a real shot because Gwen turned around. Adam compliments the control Nala has over her own voice, and Gwen commends her for having the patience to show the coaches every side to her voice.

Result: Nala chooses Team Adam

Sammie Zonana ("Dangerous Woman")

As she began college, Sammie studied film but was quickly enamored by music when she began playing the guitar. Sammie did gigs after graduating college, then shifted gears by performing at weddings. At an LGBT speed dating event, Sammie met her fiance, Brooke. 

Gwen turns around for Sammie after the first few lines of the song and gives her a standing ovation after the end of the performance. All of the coaches agree that Sammie is meant to be on her team.

Result: Sammie picks Team Gwen

Valerie Ponzio ("Ring of Fire")

Valeria is from Texas and plays a blend of country and Americana music. After graduating from Berklee College of Music, she bounced around various jobs before forming a duo with her boyfriend. Valerie is hoping for a turn from either Blake or Gwen.

Gwen is the first coach to turn around once Valerie dips into the lower register of her range, shortly followed by Alicia. Both Blake and Adam turn around just before the end of the performance, making Valerie's the only four-chair turnaround of the night. Adam calls her the most well-rounded singer for the panel of coaches they have ever heard. Gwen tells Valerie that she's obsessed with her and goes on stage to kiss her on the cheek.

Result: Valerie chooses Team Blake

Who was your favorite contestant of the night? Which coach do you think won the best singer? Do you think any of these contestants stand a change at winning the entire competition? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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