'The Voice' Recap: Blake Wins the Night's Best Talents
'The Voice' Recap: Blake Wins the Night's Best Talents
Lindsay Podolak
Lindsay Podolak
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It's the second week of the Blind Auditions on season 6 of The Voice. All four coaches acquire solid new team members, but Blake scores the biggest when he wins two out of the three singers who get the four-chair turn.

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Ryan Whyte Maloney ("Lights" by Journey)

Ryan is a garbageman by day, Vegas singer by night. Recently separated from his wife, he wants to boost his music career so that he can afford to see his kids in Florida more often.

He belts out Journey's "Lights" and it's apparent that he is talented. He has a high voice that would do great at covering popular songs.

Adam and Blake turn around within the first 10 seconds. Shakira is right behind them. Usher waits until the last second (I think) to be funny. Usher says he was waiting because he wanted to see if Ryan still worked for that fourth turn once he already had the other three.

Adam wants Ryan because they both have high voices. Blake wants him because he is a studly man who can hit the high notes without hittin' the helium tank. Shakira isn't very convincing, and neither is Usher. Ryan says his son would want him to choose Team Blake, so he does. Let's hope he doesn't base all his major life decisions on the whims of his 3-year-old.

Deshawn Washington ("Twistin' the Night Away" by Sam Cooke)

Deshawn is a 23-year-old college dropout from a small town in Louisiana. He is feeling the pressure to support his family, but is confident that the coaches are going to be "shocked" by his performance.

This dude is awesome. He sounds just like Sam Cooke's original version of this song. Deshawn is charming and does some twisting moves on stage. He has a bit of a Bruno Mars vibe going on.

I guess the judges aren't as shocked as Deshawn predicted, because only Shakira turns around. But then when the song ends, all the guys instantly regret not turning around. Usher is the most remorseful, because he claims there just aren't enough good soul singers like Deshawn these days.

Deshawn to Team Shakira, but Usher is hopeful he'll get the steal.

Sam Behymer ("Royals" by Lorde)

A college degree in English but spending her life nannying? Sounds familiar. Hopefully, Sam is a better singer than me, because it sounds like her family doesn't really believe in her ability to make it as a singer. If The Voice doesn't pan out, Sam might have to become a (gasp!) librarian.

Throughout Sam's performance, I hear Lorde (totally), Alanis Morissette (for the yelling parts) and Jewel (for the yodeling parts).

Adam turns around first. Usher eventually follows. Adam calls Sam's performance weird, wonderful and different from anyone else's. Usher thinks she is quirky and he could open her up to a different style.

Sam is hesitant, but chooses Team Adam for her coach because he told her she was special.

Brendan Ryan ("Love on Top" by Beyonce)

Brendan, 24, grew up surrounded by music. His parents were wedding singers who fully support his dream of being either a comedian or a singer ... so long as this dream comes to fruition within the one-year post-college deadline they have given him.

"Love on Top" is not the greatest song choice for Brendan, and the coaches agree with me. He is all over the place and doesn't really show off much of a strong talent other than his guitar skills.

No one turns around, but they pretend like they all made a mistake and tell Brendan to definitely keep singing and definitely keep coming back to The Voice so they can crush his dreams again someday soon. And the lesson we all learned? Don't cover Beyonce.

Brothers Walker ("Keep Me in Mind" by Zac Brown Band)

The identical Walker twins' biggest claim to fame is that they opened for Johnny Cash when they were 7. The brothers have been told that they "make two halves of one voice." Interesting.

They are unsure what they will do if all four chairs turn around ... but probably Team Blake. Whenever a contestant (or pair of Amish-looking twin contestants) is overly confident, I start getting anxious.

Thankfully, the Brothers Walker don't have to worry about fending off all four coaches, because they really aren't anything special. Yes, at times the performance sounds great, but there are two of them. They have the advantage of being able to harmonize.

It seems like they are going to get the old heave-ho, but Usher's foot (accidentally?) hits the buzzer right at the end and they wind up on Team Usher. He says he is looking forward to working with the country bumpkins, but Blake corrects him to say that they really aren't all that country-sounding. They're just nerds.

Clarissa Serna ("Zombie" by The Cranberries)

Clarissa is definitely a good person. She mentors young girls by singing karaoke with them. But can she really sing?

I'm immediately scared for her because "Zombie" is such a difficult, weird (but awesome) song.

She knocks it out of the park and scores the second four-chair turn of the night.

Adam turns around first, followed quickly by Shakira, who gets up and starts playing the air drums. Blake turns next and Usher again jumps in at the very end.

Before she sang, Clarissa had told us that her first choice would be to work with Usher. He is lackluster in his wooing of her, however, and Shakira's enthusiasm wins Clarissa over. She chooses Team Shakira to be with her Latin soul sister.

Robert Lee ("The Weight" by The Band)

Robert is a mailman who wants to turn his hobby of nighttime music gigs into a career that can support his growing family (ex-wife, s7-year-old, new wife and twins on the way).

"The Weight" is a great song, but he tries too hard and it flops. None of the coaches turn around. They give him some constructive criticism, none of which includes advice to "Ditch that lame hat." Sorry, Robert. Looks like neither snow, nor rain, nor a spot on The Voice will keep you from your job as a mailman.

Melissa Jimenez ("If I Ain't Got You" by Alicia Keys)

Melissa is an R&B singer who almost made it in the music business. She has sung on a Wyclef track and had a record deal that fell through. So she just thought she had a record deal, I guess.

The Latin stunner starts her performance a cappella and really belts it out. She seems to impress everyone with her rendition of the Alicia Keys' hit.

Usher and Shakira turn around. It's undecided whether Usher wants Melissa on his team or in his bed. Blake says he tried to turn around, but Usher's jaw was on the floor and it got in the way.

Melissa feels the same connection that Usher does, and she chooses Team Usher. I have a feeling these two might meet up for some late-night "study sessions."

Patrick Thomson ("Can't You See" by Marshall Tucker Band)

Patrick looks like a cross between Adam Duritz and John Popper ... and kind of sounds that way, too! His vocal style is rough yet mellow. I like it right off the bat, but so far no one has given me a chair to turn around and pick my singers. Maybe someday if my recaps catch fire. Team Lindsay!

Blake takes his sweet time turning around, as does Adam. I love when these two have to duke it out for a contestant.

I call Patrick's voice gravelly, but Adam describes it better as "having grit." Blake then describes it best as "gargling with broken glass."

"If you pick [Blake], he's going to make you gargle with broken glass!" says Adam. This argument works, and Patrick joins Team Adam.

Allison Bray ("Where the Boys Are" by Connie Francis)

Allison is a high school student who loves old country singers like Patsy Cline and Loretta Lynn. She calls herself an old soul.

I love her vocal stylings, but again, my vote doesn't count. Nobody turns around.

Adam doesn't want Allison to look so sad, because they all have good things to tell her. Blake tells Allison to tweak her pitch so that she can come back and be a legitimate threat on the show.

Sisaundra Lewis ("Ain't No Way" by Aretha Franklin)

Sisaundra is a 40-something mother of three who used to be the vocal director for Celine Dion. Now she is focusing on her own singing career. And boy can this chick sing!

They definitely saved the best performance for last. Sisaundra's singing gives me chills. She reminds me of Whitney Houston with her incredible range. Amazing!

Shakira turns around first, then Adam, then Blake and Usher at the very end. The third four-chair turn of the night!

Blake speaks first and says he would buy her record if it came out tomorrow. Adam thinks she is amazing but can be even better under his tutelage. Shakira says she should join Team Shakira for girl power. Usher gives a lame excuse about turning around last.

Sisaundra, clearly the most coveted singer of the night, chooses Team Blake.

Team Shakira also snags Lindsay Pagano, who sings a rockin' version of "Lady Marmalade."

Team Adam beats out Shakira to get soul singer Joshua Howard, who sings "This Is What It Feels Like."

Team Usher sees a "diamond in the rough" with 19-year-old pop singer Tanner James' version of "Heaven" and adds him to his roster.

Team Adam and Team Usher each have seven singers, Team Shakira has six and Team Blake has four. 

The Voice airs Monday and Tuesday nights at 8pm on NBC.

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