'The Voice' Predictions: Who Will Go Home from the Top 8?
'The Voice' Predictions: Who Will Go Home from the Top 8?
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Will tonight be the night a coach from The Voice is left with no singers? Will half of the Top 6 be comprised of singers from Team Adam? Both of these are a good possibility with the Top 8 elimination show.

After no one made the top 10 on iTunes last week, one singer did slip into the all-important top 10 this week. This means the votes are multiplied by five, which seems more reasonable than the previous multiplier of 10.

Check out where the Top 8 landed on iTunes by the end of the 11am voting period, and then my predictions on how the eliminations will go.

#8 Will Champlin
#13 Cole Vosbury
#16 James Wolpert
#21 Jacquie Lee
#24 Tessanne Chin
#25 Caroline Pennell
#56 Ray Boudreaux
#85 Matthew Schuler

Who's Safe?

This one's easy. Will Champlin landed in the top 10; he gets the extra votes -- not to mention he was the best of the night -- so he won't have anything to worry about.

Who's in the Middle?

With The Voice field thinning down, I just don't have the complete confidence to put Cole Vosbury, James Wolpert, Jacquie Lee and Tessanne Chin in the completely safe pile -- but I'm more confident in them being safe than the three artists I put in the bottom three.

Who's in Danger?

I'm sticking with the iTunes ranking and going with Caroline Pennell, Ray Boudreaux and Matthew Schuler as the bottom three.

Who Will Twitter Save?

Now this will be interesting to see who Twitter saves. It's not going to be Ray, let's just get that out of the way. He has 20,000 less followers than Caroline and Matthew, and I don't see the fans of the other remaining singers voting for Ray unless Blake makes a plea to his personal fans -- but it's not like Ray even sang country. So, yeah, this is the end of the road for Ray.

So it will be between Caroline and Matthew. Caroline has just over 54,000 Twitter followers, while Matthew has just over 50,000. But how will the rest of America vote? Matthew had a terrible performance, but he'll rebound. As for Caroline, we've seen the best of her, so in that sense, Matthew should stay. But I don't think the voters will be thinking that way when they vote. They'll probably just vote for who they like more.

Personally, I would keep Caroline because I like her voice that much, and it's just about song choice. But America will probably save Matthew Schuler.

What do you think? Who's in your bottom three? Will you be saving anyone? Come back and follow our live blog tonight for The Voice results show at 9pm on NBC.