'The Voice' Predictions: Who Will Go Home from the Top 12?
'The Voice' Predictions: Who Will Go Home from the Top 12?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Unlike American elections with the preposterous electoral college, The Voice is now all about the popular vote. The Top 12 have performed and the two singers with the lowest number of votes will go home. This could mean two singers from the same team go home, but that seems unlikely.

Who's in danger of going home on The Voice and who should relax tonight? Let's look at how everyone did.


Terry McDermott: He ended the show with a killer performance and has nothing to worry about.

Trevin Hunte: This kid doesn't even need to show up for a results show until the finale when he's declared the winner.

Cassadee Pope: She got enough votes last time, and this week she was even better with a real breakthrough performance.

Bryan Keith: He also had a breakthrough performance and became the top singer on Team Adam.


Dez Duron: He's a good enough singer with great looks, but how long will he be able to ride that gravy train?

Melanie Martinez: Sure she needed to be saved by Adam, so she doesn't have that much of a fan base, but I think her performance was stellar and might get her some new fans.


Amanda Brown: She's been amazing for a long time, but her performance last night wasn't that special and it may have gotten lost in the shuffle. It would be a travesty if she gets eliminated, but it's certainly possible.

Sylvia Yacoub: Like Amanda, she was one of the best during the live playoffs, but this week was a disaster. She chose to sing "My Heart Will Go On," and she deserves to go home simply for that terrible choice. But we know she's very talented, so her going home based on one bad song choice would be shocking.


Cody Belew: I like him, but he seems kind of forgettable in the entire group and last week he proved that he doesn't have the fan support since Cee Lo had to save him.

Michaela Paige: Just take everything I just wrote about Cody, only change the gender pronouns and Cee Lo to Blake.

Nicholas David: I do not understand the appeal of this guy, but I do know that his performance was terrible and made him look like he can't keep up with the high-energy pace of the show.

Adriana Louise: If there's one singer I'm certain will be eliminated, it's Adriana. She didn't have the votes last week and no one actually wanted Xtina to save her other than Xtina herself. She performed early in the night and wasn't all that great. It's the perfect storm for someone to get eliminated, proving that Xtina was wrong in saving Adriana over De'borah.

My final predictions are: Adriana Louise and Nicholas David.

Who do you think will be the first two singers to go home from the Top 12 on The Voice?

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