'The Voice' Predictions: Which 3 Singers Will Be in the Season 6 Finale?
'The Voice' Predictions: Which 3 Singers Will Be in the Season 6 Finale?
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
This long road of The Voice season 6 is about to come to an end. Tonight, will determine who we'll see singing for your votes in the finale.

The top 5 will become the top 3 -- and I'm predicting things might get a little crazy.

Here's how the iTunes charts looked by the time voting ended at noon Eastern:

#3 Jake Worthington "Heaven"
#4 Josh Kaufman "All of Me"
#6 Kristen Merlin "Foolish Games"
#12 Josh Kaufman "Love Runs Out"
#14 Jake Worthington "Good Ol' Boys"
#19 Christina Grimmie "Hide and Seek"
#28 Christina Grimmie "Some Nights"
#33 Kat Perkins "Let It Go"
#48 Kristen Merlin "Gunpower & Lead"
#57 Kat Perkins "Chandelier"

Who's Safe?

You'll see that three singers made the top 10. This usually means that all three would be safe -- except only two will be because the third finalist will be determined by the instant save.

So I'm predicting Jake Worthington and Josh Kaufman to be definitely safe, which means Kristen is on the outside looking in. Huge sad face!

Who's in the Middle?

Christina Grimmie and Kristen Merlin are in the middle. They'll likely comprise the bottom, along with Kat. 

Who's Going Home?

No matter what happens, I'm predicting Kat Perkins to go home. It's her time. She's been on the bubble for so long. No way Twitter will be able to saver her again. Right?

Who Will Twitter Save?

I would absolutely have loved to see Kristen in the finale. She should be there over Jake. But I don't doubt that Christina Grimmie's fans will save her. 

Kat and Kristen will be eliminated.

This sets up a final three of Jake, Josh and Christina. Sorry Shakira, you're the only one missing out on the fun.

I would actually like to see an upset and have Christina go home. I'm ready for something "shocking" to happen, since week by week, the eliminations have been on the predictable side. It wouldn't exactly be shocking considering how Christina finished on the charts, but she's been a frontrunner for so long, I can't actually imagine her not being in the finale.

Or maybe I'll even be thrown in for a loop and the finale will be Jake, Kat and Kristen. Likely not though.

What do you think? Who will Twitter save?

The Voice airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8pm on NBC.

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