'The Voice': Meet the Teams, Preview the First Battle Round
'The Voice': Meet the Teams, Preview the First Battle Round
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
In a jam-packed second night of Blind Auditions on Tuesday, the Voice coaches each filled out their teams of eight who will move on to next week's Battle Rounds.

Four times eight -- that's 32 performers we saw belt it out for the coaches in the course of two episodes! (And that's just counting those who made it. Thirty-four if you count our duos.) That's a lot of voices. By the end, the coaches were scrambling to fill up their teams, and some performers who made it on to a team didn't even make it to air. "How are we supposed to know who to root for if we didn't even see their auditions?" you may have asked yourself. "I need more than a couple of seconds to make up my mind!" At least, that's what I said to myself.

Well, never fear. Here's the rundown on each of the coaches' final teams as they head into Battle, complete with mini-bios for each singer and links to their NBC blogs and Twitter accounts. Plus a preview for next week's episode and a behind the scenes chat with coach Blake Shelton.

Meet the Teams

Didn't think you got to know some of these performers well enough during the Blind Auditions? You'll learn all you wanted to know about the Voice teams here, and more thanks to NBC's major social media push for the show. All the judges have their own blogs, videos and Twitter accounts as well.

Adam's Team, whom I have unofficially dubbed "
Adam It Feels Good to be a Gangsta":

Blake's Team, who I'm calling the "Frosted Blakes":

Christina's Team, who shall henceforth be known as the
"Xtina-ge Mutant Ninja Turtles":

Cee Lo's Team. Let's call them "I Cee London, I Cee France":

Preview for Next Week: Battle Rounds Begin

Now that you've met the teams, check out what it will look like when they're pitted against each other in the Voice Boxing Ring (I don't know if that's what it's called, but that's certainly what it looks like) when the Battle Rounds begin on Tuesday.

Bonus Videos

There are more behind the scenes and artist blog videos on the NBC Voice site than I know what to do with, so if you have some spare time and want to see what's going on with your favorites when they're not singing, you're in for a treat. Weirdly, the one type of video I wanted most -- the auditions for the singers who made it on to teams, but didn't make it to air -- aren't online. One set of videos I recommend is the coach commentary. This week, Blake Shelton (and Mr. Carson, ehhh) sat down and gave us his take on some of his team members (go Dia!) and what's "really going on" between Adam and Christina. I like Blake. He calls it like he sees it.  

Now, to the important question of the week: Which team are YOU on?

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