'The Voice' Finale Prediction: Who Will Win Season 11?
'The Voice' Finale Prediction: Who Will Win Season 11?
Derek Stauffer
Derek Stauffer
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
The Voice season 11 is finally coming to a close, and that means it is time to pick a winner -- a winner that, if we're honest, will probably be entirely forgotten in six to seven months. While not bad, the talent pool for season 11 of The Voice certainly hasn't been the best. There is no Alisan Porter, Jordan Smith or even a Cassadee Pope here. Despite the overall outlook, a winner still has to be crowned and it is time to make some predictions on who will end up victorious.

Who Won't Win?

It is really not that fun ragging on Josh Gallagher. Josh seems just as surprised as anyone that he has made it to the finale. And to his credit, he probably did the third-best job of the night. (We McDonald, as we'll cover a bit later, could have been much, much better.) Still, I don't think there is any scenario where Josh really wins this thing. He remains pretty awkward on stage, and while his voice was pleasant in the Final 4, he's been too inconsistent to actually be a real contender. 

Before the finale, I would've said the end of this would be a battle between We McDonald and Billy Gilman. After We's performances (and the iTunes rankings), it seems clear that this going to be a battle between Sundance Head and Billy Gilman. We McDonald really appeared to show her age in her pair of final performances. "Don't Rain on My Parade" was solid, but "Wishes" never quite found the right tone ... or key. Based on her previous performances this season, We could win and she is certainly the most interesting singer of the Final 4. Just based on her final performances, We's destined for third place. She should have put her best foot forward for the finale, and this was far from her best outing.

Who Will Win?

As mentioned, it's a race between Billy Gilman and Sundance Head. Billy came out strong -- incredibly strong -- opening the night with "My Way." It takes huge guts to cover Frank Sinatra, and Billy nailed it. Thankfully, Billy also avoided what I consider to be the worst thing about Frank Sinatra covers, which is trying to sound like Frank Sinatra. Billy sounded like himself, and his tears of passion throughout the number seemed very genuine. Billy's original song was just a notch below that. It definitely sounded like a Maroon 5 song, but it fit Billy's voice just fine. It didn't quite feel like Billy's own song, more that he was borrowing it from Adam. 

Sundance really commanded the night, however. I may be in the minority when I say I wasn't wild about Sundance's original song, but it certainly showed his maturity and security as an artist. Sundance knows who he is, and he lets the audience know too. That is why he is able to do something so crazy and risky as covering Etta James' "At Last" and make it sound like a country song. Sundance is easily one of the most confident artists The Voice has ever hosted.

In terms of talent, Billy and Sundance are neck and neck. The deciding factor here is the iTunes charts. Billy and Sundance are both doing well in the Top 10. Their originals and their cover songs are in the Top 10, joined by Josh Gallagher with his original song. (We McDonald is all the way down at number 17 with "Wishes.") Sundance, however, is consistently higher than Billy on iTunes. 

As of this writing, Sundance is sitting with the number two and number three spots on iTunes. He is also the only artist who got to duet with their coach in the Top 10. While iTunes rankings can always change and likely will by the time the winner is crowned, this strong initial support of Sundance won't waver. Fans are going to come out aggressively and passionately for Sundance. 

Right now, the prediction for the winner seems clear-cut: Sundance Head is going to win season 11. Team Blake just got another winner.

Do you agree? Will Sundance win this season? Do you think it will come down to Billy and Sundance? Who was your favorite performer of the night? What did you think of We's final performances? Who had your favorite original song? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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