'The Voice' Extended Preview: The Coaches Go 'Crazy,' Ready Themselves for Battle
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
I don't blame you if you're a little wary of The Voice. For one, NBC has been really shoving it down our throats with the constant commercials. Plus this whole thing they're doing in pushing back The Tonight Show and SNL to preview the crap out of it. (Pro tip to NBC ad execs: I know you reeeeally want The Voice to do well, but have a little faith in Xtina and the boys. It's not a good sign if we feel sick of a show before it's even premiered.) Some of you are probably thinking, "I already have American Idol. And The X Factor. Why do I need a third singing competition show?"

I hear you. But just watch this extended preview for The Voice, which premieres next Tuesday, April 26, and then tell me you're not even a little bit excited to watch this show. Maybe even a lotta bit! In fact, I have several reasons I'm stoked to tune in, which I have conveniently listed below the video.

  • How about that GIANT, SKY-SMASHING FIST on the stage? That's pretty cool, huh? I'll admit it: I like it a lot, probably too much, and want to make a lot of jokes about it, but I promise* to keep the fist jokes to a dull roar in my recaps. (*My promises mean very little.)

  • It's fun and weirdly satisfying to watch a bunch of superstars battle to win the approval of these no-name singers. Maybe I'm just a cold-hearted cruelty monster who gets her rocks off watching successful people get taken down a peg, but I almost yelled, "Make 'em grovel, cowboy hat!" Tables, they be turning.

  • The coaches' crazy, futuristic space captain swivel chairs are awesome. And I like how they say "I Want You!" at the base. Whoever designed this set gets an F in subtlety but an A+ in giggle-making.

  • Inside those crazy chairs are judges who don't annoy me. And who actually know what they're talking about. I wish that wasn't as uncommon as it sounds, but it REALLY is! Granted, they've got all season make me question saying this, but I am actually looking forward to watching them interact and fight and train and banter and sing all season. XTINA! EVERY WEEK! (Yes, I'm a child of the '90s. So what?)

  • The on-set debriefing room is called The V Room. Hahahaaaa.

Will you watch The Voice with me? Do it. Do it for Xtina! (And my recaps.)

(Image courtesy of NBC)