5 Key Moments That Helped Cassadee Pope Win 'The Voice' Season 3
5 Key Moments That Helped Cassadee Pope Win 'The Voice' Season 3
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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The Voice season 3 ended Tuesday night with Cassadee Pope claiming the victory, giving coach Blake Shelton a second win. It was an outcome many viewers saw coming for several weeks now as Cassadee Pope delivered great performances and cemented her frontrunner status a long time ago.

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Looking back over the long season of The Voice, it's easy to pick out key moments that helped lead Cassadee Pope to her eventual win. Here are the five most important ones.


Not only did iTunes downloads count as votes, but any singer in the Top 10 got their votes multiplied by 10. This definitely benefited Cassadee as she landed in the Top 10 on iTunes every single week since the Top 10 performances. Every single one of her songs sold well, with "Over You," "Stupid Boy" and "Cry" (her three country tracks) hitting number one. It was the ultimate vindication for free-market capitalism as the consumers dictated the win.

Trevin Hunte's "Scream"

The Top 10 Week performances changed everything. It was an amazing show that featured many of the singers at their best. Nicholas David was touching with "Lean on Me," Amanda Brown soared with "Stars," Cody Belew entertained with "Crazy in Love," Melanie Martinez scored major cool points with "Seven Nation Army," Dez Duron crooned with "Feeling Good" and Cassadee Pope hit a high with "Over You." And amid all of that excellence, frontrunner Trevin Hunte switched things up with Usher's "Scream."

Trevin was the obvious frontrunner from the start. He had a compelling story and a great voice. In fact, his first five performances of the season all made my "Best of" list. He could've skated into the finale, but this disastrous performance lacked the magic we'd come to expect from him, and amidst all of the other amazing performances, Trevin stalled as everyone else surged. Sometimes it's hard to pick out a single moment where everything turned, but on The Voice season 3, this was definitely it. The man destined to win it all choked, giving dark horse contenders like Cassadee an opening.

Country Music

Cassadee was a pop/rock chick and that's where she felt most comfortable. But then her coach, Blake Shelton, decided to morph her into a pop/country singer, and then everything changed. Starting with her breathtaking performance of Miranda Lambert's "Over You" (a song that dethroned "Gangnam Style" from the number one spot on iTunes), Cassadee's new path became clear. She was born to sing country. It's not only one of the main reasons she won, but one of the main reasons Blake Shelton is the only coach to win more than once. He knows what's best for his artists and makes calculated risks that pay off.

Amanda Brown's Elimination

Many fans thought Amanda Brown deserved to win. She was an amazing singer and performer who delivered a slew of great moments. Heck, she had three of my top six performances of the entire season. So when Amanda Brown was eliminated during the Top 6 week, Cassadee Pope's only real competition was gone.


The final performances were a bit underwhelming. Nicholas David took the opportunity to just have fun instead of trying to compete to win and Terry McDermott was just his regular self. When the show ended with Cassadee singing Faith Hill's "Cry," she instantly won the competition right then and there. She stepped up her game and performed like the entire competition as riding on it, which it was.

As you can see, Cassadee Pope not only won The Voice season 3, but she earned it. She had a great coach who helped mold her into an amazing country artist. She had loyal fan support who downloaded her songs each and every week. She brought her A-game when she needed to. And her primary competition faltered when she didn't.

It was a great season for The Voice with a ton of great performances and great drama. Most importantly, in the end, the right person won. Let's hope season 4 is every bit as good.

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