'The Vampire Diaries' Review: And Elena's Father Is...
'The Vampire Diaries' Review: And Elena's Father Is...
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
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There are a lot of things going on in tonight's episode of The Vampire Diaries but the main focus is on Elena. On one hand, she's dealing with the fact that her spiteful birthmother is in town. On the other, she's also dealing with an angry brother who doesn't want anything to do with her. Plus, there's a bunch of other stuff like tainted friendships, hidden romantic feelings and some daddy drama. More on the highlights of the episode "Isobel" after the jump.

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Meeting Isobel

The much-awaited reunion between Alaric and his dead vampire wife Isobel finally happens but it doesn't really reveal much except for the fact that Isobel is now a different, more wicked person, and the main reason she's in Mystic Falls is to get Jonathan Gilbert's device, which is now in Damon's possession. Knowing that Damon deeply cares for Elena, Isobel orders Alaric to set up a meeting with her daughter, who then agrees to face her birthmother since she doesn't have a choice. Unfortunately, the meeting doesn't go well because instead of getting answers on who her birth father is, all Elena gets is the burden of knowing that if she doesn't get the device from Damon, Isobel will be going on a killing spree of the people she cares about.

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Isobel's Game Plan

There's no such thing as a coincidence on The Vampire Diaries so assuming Isobel's arrival in Mystic Falls has something to do with John Gilbert is pretty easy. What most of us didn't know is that they're actually working together to recover Jonathan Gilbert's device as part of Katherine's orders. And Isobel's game plan is just part of a bigger game plan that Katherine cooked up--which is to use the device (a weapon against vampires) to kill all the vampires from the tomb, including Damon and Stefan.

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Jonathan Gilbert's Device

It turns out Jonathan never really invented anything but Emily made it look like he did because, although she pledged her loyalty to Katherine, she still couldn't stand the fact that a lot of people were suffering. Of course, we learn this through Bonnie, courtesy of Emily's spell book. After Elena gets the device from Damon, Bonnie tries to help Elena by casting a spell on the device to rid it of its power before giving it to Isobel. But apparently, Bonnie is one devious little witch because she just lied to Elena and didn't do what she promised.

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History Repeats Itself

The Damon and Elena pairing, though nothing official has happened yet, is getting more screen time even now that Stefan is well from his human blood addiction and back to his boring old self. Damon obviously enjoys the banter between him and Elena whenever they talk on the phone and has made it pretty clear to Isobel that threatening the people he cares about, especially Elena, is not OK. If that's not enough, even Isobel points out to Elena that Damon's in love with her that's why he easily gave her the device. All the Damon-Elena closeness is finally sinking in on Stefan so he threatens Damon not to go down that road again. But it looks like Damon isn't about to give up that easily. Wow, this episode really does make you feel sorry for Damon and wish that he and Elena can be together instead of Stefan. But maybe that's just me.

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Daddy Issues

Damon was right when he said that things are going into an interesting direction on The Vampire Diaries. We learn that Isobel and John Gilbert dated way back then and their relationship resulted into a daughter, also known as Elena. It's too bad (or good) that Stefan will have to break this big bombshell to Elena while Damon will once again shine as the "friend" who's always there to listen.

Other Developments:

  • Matt and Tyler are still at odds but are on the road to patching things up.
  • It turns out that Isobel isn't completely dead inside because not only does she want what's best for Elena (by getting rid of the Salvatore vamps), she also cares enough to erase Alaric's memory so his heart will be Isobel free once and for all.
  • Jeremy tells Elena that he knows what Anna is and that he has been reading her journal, which reveals that his memory of Vicki has been erased. He also learns more about his family's history through Uncle John.
  • Anna tells Jeremy about her mom's death and feels helpless than ever.
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