'The Vampire Diaries' Recap: Damon Reveals His Dark Secret
'The Vampire Diaries' Recap: Damon Reveals His Dark Secret
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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The Vampire Diaries is back, and something bad is coming. Well, a lot of bad things are coming. Klaus, a posse of werewolves, Elena's dad and Damon's dark side all continue their march to Mystic Falls in this episode. There's a major death and Damon finally reveals his true feelings.

Werewolves Coming

Remember my theory about how Jules isn't really a werewolf and it was all a big misdirect from The Vampire Diaries? I'd like you to forget about it. The episode opens with Jules naked in the woods, covered in blood and surrounded by dead bodies. Yeah, she's a wolf and one who's willing to kill a cop who finds her.

At the end of the episode she chats with Tyler, telling him that she knows that Mason and Tyler are werewolves, that Mason is dead, and that Caroline and all the other vampires Caroline hasn't told Tyler about were behind it. She also reveals that more werewolves are coming to town for a giant vamp vs. wolf throwdown.

Stefan's Bad Decisions

Stefan is full of bad decisions this week, most of them centered on his quest to find Isobel for information on Klaus. Another bad decision is the one to put a shirt on after Elena meets him for a little morning delight and vervain-tolerance building.

His search for Isobel starts with Alaric giving him an old phone number of hers: (919) 399-2507. Give it a call and enjoy a message from Katherine encouraging callers to hide and run from Klaus, because he will kill Elena, followed by Stefan and Damon both talking about how they're on Team Elena, not Team Katherine.

The phone call doesn't lead him to Isobel, but he does find Elena's uncle/father, John Gilbert, and brings his pretty face back to Mystic Falls.

Nurse Elena

Elena spends the day watching over Rose, who is going crazy and feral thanks to the werewolf bite that's killing her. If the Salvatores really love Elena, leaving her alone with a crazy, dying vampire all day isn't the best idea. Rose attacks her a few time before running off for some recreational fun.

Love Triangle at the BBQ

It's a day of the week ending in "Y," which means the town of Mystic Falls is having a big school or town social event. Today it's the high school's Booster Club BBQ where Caroline is torn between Tyler, who knows her secret, and Matt, who doesn't. Matt kisses her, so she runs away. That night Tyler comes to her house to kiss her as well, forcing Caroline to scream: "Everyone just needs to stop kissing me!" It's hard to feel bad for a girl who's making out with Matt and Tyler.

The BBQ turns deadly when Rose shows up hungry, so she eats a few humans before Damon captures her. It's a fairly clever joke (though I'm not sure if it's intentional) that her mouth is covered in blood just like someone who goes to a BBQ might have their mouth covered in sauce.

Damon's Dark Secret

Damon takes her back home where he gives her a wonderful dream of snuggling together on the 15th century English countryside. It's a perfect dream, which is good since Damon uses her peace to stake her and free her of the pain. Like that Rose is dead and Damon sheds a tear, proving that the bad boy is super sensitive.

Emotionally drained by the murder, Damon flies off the handle and gets drunk, lying in the middle of the road to trap an innocent young woman named Jessica. Damon bares his soul to her in a Hamlet-worthy monologue that reveals his real secret.

Damon wants to be human.

He desperately wants to be good, but the emotions and the pain are too much for him to take. He can't stand that the woman he loves is in love with his brother, so he tries to turn off his emotions.

To be human or not to be human, that is the question. Sadly, Damon's answer is "not human" because he ends the episode by taking a big bite out of scared little Jessica. Poor Damon, he's so tortured.

Next week on The Vampire Diaries: John Gilbert is back and Caroline gets locked in a cage. That sounds kind of kinky.

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