'The Vampire Diaries': Is Alaric's Ring Losing Its Mojo?
'The Vampire Diaries': Is Alaric's Ring Losing Its Mojo?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Despite being one of the few human characters on The Vampire Diaries, Alaric Saltzman has a lot of lives. The vampire hunting history teacher has been killed three times so far, but each time the magical Gilbert ring he wears has saved him.

In the latest episode, "Disturbing Behavior," Alaric was killed once again, this time by Damon, and while the ring did bring him back to life, it took a little bit longer than usual. Is this an omen that the ring is losing its magical immortality power?

I suspect it is, mostly because The Vampire Diaries has relied a little too heavily on magic jewelry. The show has day-walking rings for vampires (which can be mass-produced by Bonnie whenever she wants to do it), Rebecca's necklace from the Original Witch, currently in the possession of Katherine, and the Gilbert rings.

Trying to keep track of who has what and which piece does what for who is getting a little hard. So to help you out, here's a brief chronology of the two Gilbert rings. The journey starts when Gilbert brothers John and Grayson (aka Elena's father) were each given one.

John's Ring

-John gave his ring to Isobel when she left after giving birth to their child, Elena.
-Isobel gave the ring to her husband, Alaric.
-Alaric came to Mystic Falls with the ring and was staked by Damon in season 1, but came back to life.
-In season 2, Alaric was killed once again, this time by a werewolf, but he was still wearing the ring and came back.
-John blackmailed Alaric into giving him the ring so John wouldn't tell Jenna about the vampires.
-Isobel tossed John down the stairs as a distraction to kidnap Elena, but he was wearing the ring and came back.
-John gave Elena the ring for her children before he sacrificed himself.
-Elena gave the ring back to Alaric.
-Damon killed Alaric so he could go back and try to kill Bill Forbes.

Grayson's Ring

-After Grayson died in a car accident, John took his ring.
-John was thrown off a balcony by Damon in season 1, but lived thanks to the ring.
-John gave his ring to Jeremy before leaving town.
-Damon snapped Jeremy's neck, but he was wearing the ring and came back.

There seem to be two reasons why Alaric took longer than normal to come back to life. First, the ring may have a limited number of resurrections. Alaric's ring has already been used four times, and it's likely that it was used long before that as well since the rings were originally made by Emily Bennett in the 1860s.

The second explanation is that there are a limited number of resurrections per person. Alaric has died and come back three times, but perhaps each time you die it becomes harder to bring you back. Like a cat, maybe Alaric only gets nine lives, and he's already used up one-third of them.

Whatever the explanation, The Vampire Diaries doesn't do anything by accident, and the fact that Alaric took a long time to come back to life most likely foreshadows a new chapter in his story. Since Elena's necklace is now revealed to be more powerful than we first thought, it seems logical that the Gilbert rings might also play a role in the future.

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