'The Vampire Diaries' Casting: Expect Two New Faces in Season 4
'The Vampire Diaries' Casting: Expect Two New Faces in Season 4
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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The Vampire Diaries season 4 is looking to cast two new recurring roles for this fall. Who will they be and why will they visit Mystic Falls? Keep reading to find out.

WARNING: These casting descriptions may count as Vampire Diaries spoilers, if you're strict about that kind of thing. Proceed at your own risk...

The first new character is a girl named April. A native of Mystic Falls, this 16-year-old returns to town after a few years at a private school elsewhere. What brings her back? It's the most natural thing in The Vampire Diaries -- a family member has died. While there is no information about how April will interact with the main TVD characters, she does have some history with Elena and Jeremy from when they were all kids together.    

The second newcomer to The Vampire Diaries will be a young man by the name of Connor. The producers describe the character as "scary hot" (but who isn't scary hot on The Vampire Diaries?) and threatening. For some reason, Connor will also be a "highly trained killing machine." This could mean a new vampire hunter to take the place of the dearly departed Alaric. Or Connor might be another supernatural being who's just a lot more efficient than your average vampire.

These two new roles are hardly surprising, considering the death rate on the show -- they have to keep the human population in Mystic Falls up somehow! Of course, it's always possible that April and Connor will not be human. We can just hope (for diversity's sake if nothing else) that they are.

The roles of April and Connor will both recur throughout the fall episodes of The Vampire Diaries. After that? Well, given the show's history, the characters may not survive any longer than that.

Good luck, newbies!

Do you think these new characters sound interesting? Do you have any casting ideas? Will they know anything about the vampires (et cetera), or are we about to meet two more clueless kids? Leave your comments below!

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