'The Vampire Diaries' Caroline and Matt (and Tyler): What Happens Now?
'The Vampire Diaries' Caroline and Matt (and Tyler): What Happens Now?
After Caroline serenaded Matt last week at the Grill, we thought it would be happily ever after for these two. But of course we knew that was impossible, since this is, after all, The Vampire Diaries

Matt backed away once he found out that Caroline was a vampire, leaving us to wonder what's in store for them when the show returns this April. The fans think that there's still hope for the couple, and we certainly don't want Caroline's rendition of "Eternal Flame" to go to waste.

Today's question: Seeing Matt's reaction to Caroline's revelation, do you believe they'll still get together? Will he ever get over Caroline being a vampire?

TeamDefan: I do think they will be together. Either 1) they will compel him to forget, or 2) they will explain to him about everything. I personally wanted them to follow the books with this and for Matt to find out when Elena turns into a vampire and he feeds her his blood in order to complete the transformation!

Leila99: She may have to compel Matt because he might go and spread to everyone that she's a vampire and that would be bad. I really hope that Matt will understand this and they will be together again.

Naomi Stolk: He's freaked out now, maybe later he will get over it.

Husniye Cogur: He will get over it, because he is just scared right now.

Dhalyn Warren: I think he'll eventually forgive her. But when he finds out about Vicky, he will hate vampires. Kind of like Tyler, in a way.

Speaking of Tyler, there's a big chance he'll return to Mystic Falls. When he does, it's certainly going to spell trouble for Caroline and Matt. So we asked the fans: Do you think Tyler will try to win back Caroline? How will she respond and how will Matt react?

Chantelle Jacobs: I really hope that Tyler and Caroline make a better match than Caroline and Matt. Tyler can understand her better, and a wolf and vamp relationship can be very interesting.

Deepalika Goswami: Tyler should be back, but Caroline should be with Matt. Only
because he lost everything because of vampires and now vampires have to return it to him.

Dhalyn Warren: I'm Team Forwood, with Matt, he may have lost everything, but he was the one that pushed them away. No one deserves that, but Tyler has proven how noble he really is. But, Matt should have someone. Just not Caroline.

Husniye Cogur: I think if Tyler returns he will try to win over Caroline because she has helped him through so much and he is lonely right now so he has that special connection with Caroline, but she will not accept it. She wants to be with Matt and no one else. If Matt is over the vampire thing, then he will either be mad at both of them or just be angry with Tyler. But if he doesn't get over the vampire thing, then he would be very hurt inside but not say anything because of what she is.

Jazmyn Amber Jaworski: I believe that with Matt's reaction to Caroline, he may give her some sort of distance. Tyler may help her through this and reveal his feelings, but I don't think Caroline likes him as much as Matt. She will most likely stick with Matt, hopefully! They are too cute together!

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