BuddyTV's Non-Prophet: Episode 1 Vampires
BuddyTV's Non-Prophet: Episode 1 Vampires
This week, BuddyTV is starting a new weekly feature with Sarah East, BuddyTV's Non-Prophet. Each week, Sarah will be given a topic and she'll use her psychic abilities to to predict the future of television. There's no crystal ball, no witchery abound, just true psychic powers at work. (Note: None of Sarah's predictions have yet to be proven true but the future is upon us and BuddyTV has all the faith in the world in Sarah's psychic powers).

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This week, in honor of The Vampire Diaries marathon that has been running, Sarah East was given the topic of "vampires." Not only does she discuss vampires and the future of The Vampire Diaries, but Sarah also manages to predict the trend that is about to follow this recent vampire obsession.

So give Sarah a look and let us know what you think.

-Kim Wetter, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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