'7th Heaven' Star to Play a Werewolf on 'The Vampire Diaries'
'7th Heaven' Star to Play a Werewolf on 'The Vampire Diaries'
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Another former star of 7th Heaven is about to become a werewolf. While viewers can currently see Tyler Hoechlin (who joined the Christian family drama starting in season 8) on MTV's Teen Wolf, original Camden family member David Gallagher is following in his wolfy footprints with a recurring role on the CW's The Vampire Diaries.

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According to TVLIne, Gallagher will appear in the first two episodes of The Vampire Diaries season 3 as Ray Sutton, a werewolf who crosses paths with Klaus in Tennessee. While werewolves have previously met a grisly fate when meeting Klaus, maybe the fact that he's now a full werevamp means he wants to add some wolves to his entourage.

Gallagher, most recently seen in the movie Super 8, is no stranger to the CW. 7th Heaven's final season aired on the network, and he also guest starred on Smallville as one of the Wonder Twins.

The actor may always be the adorably mop-headed Simon Camden to a lot of fans, but Gallagher has worked steadily since 7th Heaven went off the air five years ago.

The Vampires Diaries returns for its third season Thursday, September 15 at 8pm on the CW.

Source: TVLine

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