'The Tomorrow People' Recap: Your Powers Are Strong But Your Humanity Will Save Us
'The Tomorrow People' Recap: Your Powers Are Strong But Your Humanity Will Save Us
Catherine Cabanela
Catherine Cabanela
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Last week's episode left us with our jaws on the floor. "Endgame," this week's installment of The Tomorrow People, is even worse ... or even better, depending on your affinity for chaos and your tolerance of intense drama. Regardless, these guys get an A+ for generating suspense. This week, we remain -- after a veritable chariot ride of confrontations, sweat, blood and tears -- yet unsure who wears the white hat and who wears the black in the Tomorrow Universe.

What we do know is that a lot of revisionist skeletons have flown out of closets on both sides of the good vs. evil playing field where the angels look like devils and the devils look like scientists. Stephen is left, glossy-eyed and shaken, to face some unbelievable questions. Perhaps the most important of which is how will he discern the truth amid the lies? And what will he do next?

The Endgame

Despite the suggestiveness of this episode, the true endgame remains elusive.  

In the last three minutes of last week, Stephen took the biological mechanism thingy that looked suspiciously like the handle to a Light Saber from his father's tinkering collection and used it to unlock Jedikiah's secret butcher shop underneath which he found Jedikiah's Frankensteinian laboratory. There, Stephen found Papa Popsicle, shot, naked and frozen, suspended in a display case built into the floor. Who does that? Geez.

Jed walked in, the jig was up and it's one of those heart-stopping "Lucy, you got some 'splainin' to do" cliffhangers until this week's episode. 

Jed's cagey answers to all of Stephen's questions about Roger "Papa Popsicle" Jameson didn't provide enough information for us to make a determination about what is really going on here. Jed said Roger chose life. (But he's dead, Jim!) You want him back, Stephen. So do I (But. He's. Still. Dead. Jim. D-E-A-D.)

So ... the mantle remains insufficiently lifted and we are woefully left in the dark about some important details. However, full disclosure would ruin the enjoyment of the show -- so we'll take what we can get, buckle our seat belts, and go along on this crazy ride to wherever The Tomorrow People fairies want to take us.

Sister, Sister

In the midst of all the hullabaloo, Cara senses the powers of a new break-out, but these are different than those she normally experiences. These are powerful and feel like they are coming from within her -- like they had been with Stephen. 

While the Lost Boys run off to eradicate the world of hubristic scientists, Cara discovers that the new break-out is her baby sister, Sophie, a teenage ballerina leading a normal life until her powers began to emerge. Sophie wants nothing to do with anything paranormal, but she does desire continued contact with Cara by the end of the episode. Cara outfits Sophie with a power-blocking bracelet and promises to have her identity scrubbed from the Ultra database. 

The Three Musketeers Make a Pact

Through a series of flashbacks, we see the incident where Roger saves a power-hungry Jedikiah's life as a teenager, then several excerpts of the brothers and their first encounter with Balfry who is not referred to as the founder of Ultra.

When Jedikiah and Roger had taken their research about Roger's extraordinary abilities as far as they could, we see the evolutionary biologist and his paranormal brother meeting Balfry for the first time to strike up an arrangement to work together.

Balfry expresses his desire to create a cutting edge research facility dedicated to the study of the homo superior species, conferring the name 'The Tomorrow People' upon this race. Balfry's eyes sparkle as he talks of the possibilities of developing telekinetic surgery and telepathic psychotherapy. He gushes about the possibilities of what teleportation could do for the economics of humanitarian aid. His goal: to redefine life on the planet. Weird, wild, wacky stuff, my friends. But plausible if the three T's really existed as they do in the make-believe world of The Tomorrow People.

We also see that, along the way, the three do not always agree. The power is not, and never will be, equally divided. Jedikiah will always be the one without paranormal abilities. Eventually, Jedikiah coerces Balfry to agree to transfer part of the research funds toward researching transferring paranormal abilities to members of the human race.

Balfry accuses Jedikiah of being motivated purely by his jealousy of his brother's abilities. Jed denies it, of course, but we've all been thinking it for quite a while, right?

Ready to Rumble

Once the backstory is established, "Endgame" proceeds with John and Stephen's plan to help Jedikiah take out the founder. John comes to terms with the fact that he will have to take a life and they set off armed with their key to Balfry's vulnerability: his paranormal daughter, Cassie, whom Stephen sprung from the Citadel.

Cassie worms her way into Balfry's lair and plants a device on him that, I think, weakens his powers. John and Stephen enter, and Balfry pleads with them, spinning a tale that makes himself out to be the innocent victim and Jedikiah to be the monster whose jealousy ruined his entire family. Stephen and John are visibly shaken and uncertain of what to believe.

Eventually, John is forced to take a shot, which Balfry deflects after having crushed the power neutralizer, and the bullet finds its place in the heart of innocent bystander Cassie, who then dies in her father's arms.

What Now?

John and Stephen return to the lair to find Russell, who was tasked with babysitting Jedikiah, unconscious and sporting a pistol-whipping kiss on his forehead. Jedikiah, that slippery little devil, had forced Russell to transport him topside right outside Ultra headquarters. What the what? And don't say you're surprised! Come on, we all saw something happening here. Now the whole mess just needs to be untangled, right? 

Stephen chases Jed down and finds him at his office packing his belongings. "You told me you'd bring my dad back," Stephen accuses, "And what did you really want with my father?" Stephen pleads for confirmation that all the capturing, torturing and killing of The Tomorrow People -- the killing of his father -- wasn't just about Jedikiah's narcissistic lust for powers for himself. 

Stephen Still Left Holding the Bag

By the end of the episode, Stephen is left bewildered and emotionally drained. Jedikiah has one piece of advice: You need to decide who you really are. Jed exits stage left as Balfry enters stage right followed by a gaggle of thugs. 

"Endgame" leaves the viewing audience and Stephen with a pile of unanswered questions. None of us will know what happens until The Tomorrow People return next Monday with "Smoke and Mirrors" at 9pm on The CW.

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