'The Sing-Off' Does 'Big Hits' (and a Contest)
'The Sing-Off' Does 'Big Hits' (and a Contest)
It's time for your second dose of The Sing-Off this week (yay! I find myself saying). But first, I have super exciting news for you Sing-Off fans out there. CONTEST! BuddyTV is giving away two copies of the Sing-Off Holiday CD (The Sing-Off: Harmonies for the Holidays)! The CD has ten of your favorite Christmas songs, one from each of the Sing-Off finalists!

Tracks include: Auld Lang Syne from Street Corner Symphony (umm ... yes please!), Silent Night from Jerry Lawson & Talk of the Town, and Angels We Have Heard on High by Committed. All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this recap! That's all! Pretty sweet, right? Now all I need to do is give you something to comment on! Here are the complete Terms and Conditions. The contest runs through next Wednesday.

This could be yours! Okay, so the show starts off with the group number, which, tonight, is "Use Somebody" by Kings of Leon. I find it very interesting that Kings of Leon were willing to hand their songs over to The Sing-Off but won't give them to Glee. You win, NBC!

My favorite part of this group number is, and will always be, Jerry Lawson. He's just so casual about it, but still classy. And nothing says "show choir" like a good air-punch, slowly and dramatically withdrawn. And the fog machine is working overtime! Ooh, take two drinks for the standing ovation if you're drinking along with our Sing-Off Drinking Game tonight!

And take another drink for Nick Lachey, he looks really tired. The microphone is ... so heavy. Tonight the groups are doing "big hits." What does that even mean? I guess we'll find out.

On the Rocks is up first, singing Live Your Life, a song about being a paper chaser. It's fun and sounds a lot cooler than I thought it would. Nice moves, Oregon! They love the big dance moves (and so does Nicole Scherzinger, Paula Abdul-ing it up in her judging chair). Ben Folds is waiting for them to transition from entertainers to artists (nice comment!). Nicole liked it, of course, and Shawn is not wearing his ironic glasses tonight. I like On the Rocks, I've warmed to them and their track jackets.

Street Corner Symphony sings next and we'll see if they can top Monday's performance. They're singing Train's "Hey, Soul Sister" and I might actually be ready to hear it again now that every single laundry detergent commercial isn't using it. They're worried about it being too high in the clip package, but it comes out pretty smooth. I like their arrangement of it, it's all chill and light like the beer I wish I was drinking. The judges liked it; Ben Folds is on point tonight, while Shawn might as well be wearing a Snuggie and drinking SleepyTime tea.

Eleventh Hour is out to prove that you can't underestimate the young. They're singing "Just the Way You Are" by Bruno Mars, and they've got a tough act (Glee) to follow. They changed the gender of the song so that their leading girl Kendal could sing it, and I don't really like that, especially the lyric, "he thinks I'm beautiful, and he tells me every day." Also Kendal is pretty much shouting at us and their harmonies are a little off. I think they'll be the next to go, but bless their hearts. Still, Nicole (who is definitely playing the Sing-Off Drinking Game) loved it because she likes the song. Hat count: 1 fedora, 1 beret!


Jerry Lawson & Talk of the Town! They're singing "Mercy" by Duffy and I love the way Jerry Lawson says "Duffy," and tells his bassist to get down. They were given the unfortunate group color of "creamsicle" tonight but I don't care because I can imagine that I am marrying them. They did it up in their style and it might have been the best moment of Duffy's life. Nicole loved it, she shimmied at them in approval. Has anyone else noticed how they're always cuddling just a little bit during the judges' comments? Ben Folds tells them they have a decision to make: whether to win doing what they do or kick the kids' asses at their own game. Shawn even called their performance "flirty and fun."

First elimination: already? My prediction is Eleventh Hour, some of their harmonies were just a little too jacked. Jerry Lawson & Talk of the Town are safe first, followed by Street Corner Symphony (yeah). On the Rocks is safe, and Eleventh Hour is eliminated. Now they can go to Winter Formal or something. Do you think the homecoming queen just told them "I'm going to sing lead on every song and you'd better just deal with it"? No, this isn't a movie.

Remember Nota? They won last year so now they're back to perform "I Gotta Feeling" and rub their recording contract in everyone's face. I was rooting for them last year so I'm happy to see they're doing well. They're also here as proof that this season is just a little bit better than last season. Did you like it? Hat count: 1 paperboy, 1 fedora.

The first group in the second group is The Backbeats. Kenton! They're singing "Breakeven" in the short straw of the group color family: hot pink. They sound really good, but this performance reminds me a lot of their last performance--featuring the same girl and super super emotional. They're singing this so hard, I think if I tried it I'd end up injuring myself or losing bladder control. Nicole described the bass as "warm and yummy" and I'm starting to get uncomfortable with where this might be going.

I miss Committed's varsity sweaters but I can't wait to hear them. They're singing "Apologize," an American Idol favorite. I like that they're featuring a new soloist this time, and their bell tones are chilling they're so good. Shawn Stockman lost all physical control just about halfway through, as Committed just glided through this song and made it sound better than One Republic or Boyz II Men ever did/could. I don't think there's a clear winner in this competition yet, but I do think it's clear that Committed is Shawn's favorite and they're not going home tonight. Even Ben Folds was left dumbfounded. I WANT THAT CHRISTMAS CD! If you want it, too, just leave a comment on this recap! You could win it!

Try following that, Groove for Thought! They're singing "Cooler Than Me" by Mike Posner and want to show that music teachers can be cool! They do sound a lot like Take Six. They're so jazzy and I like that they're staying true to that. While I really like it, I'm not sure jazz choirs are for everyone, or that they're the future of acapella singing. But they're freaky good, freaky tight. It was a nice musical cigarette after Nicole's musical climax. It was so good that it made Ben Folds laugh and Shawn's head hurt with delight. Hat count: 1 paperboy.

The final group is The Whiffenpoofs of Yale and they're singing "Haven't Met You Yet" and are nervous, due to their traditional repertoire. And check out their velvet smoking jackets! Also, I have a crush on that redhead who sang part of the lead now. They made it sound less robotic than Michael Buble. It was still a little stiff here and there but overall it was dandy. SUPER dandy! Nobody had a musical climax but it was good. Thanks, 'poofs!

Elimination time! Nobody go home! Everyone stay and sing! I wish. I think it will come down to the Whiffenpoofs and the Backbeats. Committed is safe, obviously. Groove for Thought is safe (yay!). The next group eliminated is: The Whiffenpoofs of Yale. I don't know that I agree, but I'll save it for tomorrow's rankings. Call me, redheaded Whiffenpoof! Ooooh that swan song was cleeeeeaaan.

Every group sings two songs next week! Guilty pleasure songs! I'm too excited, especially because Groove for Thought is singing my favorite song ever ("You Make My Dreams Come True") and The Backbeats are singing "Love Shack." Yes.

BONUS VIDEOS! Ready for your heart to be warmed? Look at everyone getting along backstage!

There's no such thing as too much Jerry Lawson:

Don't forget to enter our contest for one of two Sing-Off Holiday CDs! All you have to do is comment on this recap! The contest runs until next Wednesday. Here are the full Terms and Conditions.

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