'The Secret Life of the American Teenager' High Five: 'When One Door Opens'
'The Secret Life of the American Teenager' High Five: 'When One Door Opens'
Here's your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from tonight's episode of The Secret Life of the American Teenager, "When One Door Opens."

An astounding EIGHT weeks have passed between the events of last week's episode and tonight's. Emotions are understandably frayed in the wake of the recent tragedy, but surprisingly the brunt of everyone's reaction is directed towards Amy and Ricky's happiness.

High Five Highlights:

5. Amy and Ricky Up the Ante: Ricky makes a compelling case for Amy and John to live with him full-time. Amy is apprehensive, in light of what happened to Adrian, but she eventually comes around. She has no plans to tell her parents about the arrangement.

4. A Girl Alone with Her Thoughts ... And a Box of Doughnuts: Adrian has clearly not taken the death of her expected child well. First she blows up on Ben after he suggests that she might need some medicinal intervention to be happy. Then she declares that they should worry about their own happiness for awhile, which for her means eating churros to excess.

3. Ashley Lays the Law Down Ashley and Amy have a conversation in the kitchen pointing to some potential ulterior motives behind Amy and Ricky living together. Most notably, Ashley floats a theory that if Ben and Adrian break up, Adrian will go back for Ricky. Amy is confident that the stress associated with parents losing their kid is just the kind of bonding experience that brings them closer than ever.

2. Amy Visits Adrian Amy visits Adrian at the behest of Ben, but Adrian is not responsive to anything she has to say. Adrian is interested in talking about Ricky, but only to say how much she has come to love and rely on Ben. But her strong interest in their relationship furthers the idea that an attempt to get back with him is somewhere down the line.

1. Ben Reaches His Breaking Point Ben confesses to Amy that he blames himself for the death of his daughter. He feels that his being afraid of commitment played a role in fate dealing heartache on Adrian. The two hug in front of Ricky, who instantly rushes to take claim of his woman.


- Will the death of their child spell the end of Ben and Adrian's relationship?

- Is Ricky really hoping that intensifying his commitment to Amy and John will keep him in line?

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