'The Secret Circle' Recap: Sleeping Over
'The Secret Circle' Recap: Sleeping Over
Wait--what's with the dialogue this episode of The Secret Circle? It's so... much better than normal. And the characters are cuter, more animated.

Slumber Party

As a girl, I have often been asked, in a philosophical and literal sense, about what happens at slumber parties (well, enough times to make it count). I'm pretty sure I can point to this episode as an example.

You've got girl's night, calling hot pizza boys, a little herbal influence from the least expecting people, Ouija board action, drama and some slumber crashers.

The drug overdose and a possession is more of an extension of the imagination. Less of that in most sleepovers in America (I hope). I know pillow fights don't.

The Anti-Valentine Slumber Party in Faye's house (where was Dawn?) is a place for our girls to get together and be the friends none of them are. One of the things I find most appealing about this show is how awkward it is for all these people to be linked so spiritually and fatefully and most of them don't like each other.

To make it less tense and awkward, Melissa the drug-gee is now drugging up Diana. I love how high Diana makes everything better. "Bitch, hurry" to Cassie may have been one of my favorite things ever. "Maybe she found a third boyfriend" comes in a close second for Diana's bitterness. But making out with Lee? Please let this happen show! Diana needs to be happy and have something to do with a bad boy. But Lee has other plans, like including draining Faye's life force/power and putting it in his girlfriend. I think--we'll see soon enough.

After assembling the troops, the girls decide upon all clichés: Ouija board! It's a slumber party staple that actually happens (not that pillow fight crap they did to rein in male viewers). Cassie uses her magical medallion to spell out 'sacred.' She also leaves because she ain't short in the love department like the other ladies; seriously, she has two boyfriends.

Later: Melissa overdosed on magical drugs. A lesson to impressionable teenagers watching this dark, dark show: just call 9-1-1. Because there is no magic in the real world to bring back a dead kid. It leads to the biggest throwdown this show has not involving Cassie: Fay vs. Diana.

The drama between Faye and Diana is intensely real. Back before there was an official Diana and Adam, there was a Diana and Melissa (heel perverts, they were friends). Faye and Melissa were friends and Diana and Faye... probably still hated each other. But Diana got wrapped up with her boyfriend, and the friendship dynamics shifted. It is a very real portrayal of something I imagine is quite common. But it also doesn't become this forced friendship; it is what it is and the girls get it.

Less Impressed With the Medallion Mystics

Isaac's back, still in communication with Jake of course. How do they get in touch for these rendezvous? Text or twitter? Isaac is all 'Trust me, Jake. Forget that I tried to kill you and then held you captive and then did who knows what.' Jake meanwhile just contorts his face as very angry. It's his default facial expression.

Isaac claims that Blackwell actually is the ultimate evil responsible for murdering the parents. These villains finger point like they are in kindergarten. But it sets up this: the medallion is like the one in Pirates of the Caribbean. It's evil. Carrying magic of a thousand other witches, some of these witches want out.

Cue Cassie running away when she sees one of these ghost witch things. Dude, you have dark magic. Use it. Don't bring Adam the cute wet blanket in to it.

Adam and Jake both voice concern over her motives for keeping the dangerous medallion. Here, we get to see Cassie's desperation that she needs to know her father; because he is her dad. It's something I'm sure both Adam and Jake can relate too if they weren't so focused on how evil that medallion is; priorities guys.

Running away (again), the medallion is trying to strangle Cassie. It sends her into a car crash; my first reaction was her poor car since I know Cassie's going to be okay, she's the lead. And again she runs to danger. Jake and Adam--her two boyfriends--run to save her.

Except, Adam gets possessed from the ghost witches. I suspect that Adam is pulling this Gollum routine on the side most of the time. At least, I hope; it would make Adam way more interesting. I do pity that Adam has to cut his own wrists and stuff while under possession. Also, this is one of the funniest scenes the show has done.

Jake and Cassie argue about the medallion, while Adam's being creepier than usual. Jake wants to let Gollum Adam die for more than one reason. Cassie refuses, handing it to Gollum Adam before crushing it, releasing the spirits or whatever. That's...kind of a gamble, something the Cassie a few episodes ago wouldn't have done.

Also, Normal Adam and Cassie make out on a boat by the water. Blackwell returns...somewhere else with water.

Emily E. Steck
Contributing Writer

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