'The Secret Circle' Recap: Bound Bad
'The Secret Circle' Recap: Bound Bad
On this week's The Secret Circle, it is Halloween, a day sacred for the witches. Except on this show, where a big party and a near death experience practically ruin the sacred day. But it's entertaining.

Witches Are Pretty

Faye is practically naked as she and Cassie Halloween shop (looking good though--as is the rest of the cast). Why are Cassie and Faye hanging out? Are they friends now? Surprisingly, I approve. Quite random, but if the show wants to go there that is awesome. Cassie could learn from Faye's snark.

Grandma is going to the lake house--where the dead Henry elder from episodes' past. That sounds like a cue for a party! I am surprised Cassie would throw the party and be so blasé about it. I suppose that would make her one of the cool kid's in high school.

Adam is furious at his father for ruining his relationship with Diana. Adam actually cares about Diana! But seriously, if you are making googley eyes at the new girl and 'making magic' together, you are digging your own grave. That was insensitive considering Nick just died, but I think I am the only one who remembers.

Meanwhile, the latest Big Bad Jake is a threatening witch hunter. He's out to kill the rest of the circle. His logic: his parents and his brother were witches and now they are dead. Witchcraft is evil! But not murder. That's justifiable. Through Jake we learn everyone's last names! Cool. Jake has purpose even if his logic resembles a sociopath.

Party Like It's 1999

Not really. This show looks like 2011 on overdrive. Anyway, the rager Cassie throws? Successful if you count how many people go and try and hookup with one another. Not successful if you count the almost murder-sacrifice. But I'm getting ahead of myself. I don't know why (yes I do) I comment on wardrobe attire, but this a CW show so I think it is almost a requirement. The costumes are slutty, but no more than a typical high school. I actually appreciate that these kids go to parties, drink, hookup--it grounds these kids in all of their supernatural secrecy.

Cassie and Faye work together for espionage! While Faye reignites with her old flame Jake (hooking up with him while he's not into it), Cassie decides it's time for a little B & E. Cassie aspires to be a detective of sorts, but she is pretty terrible at making correct deductions. Jake is totally crazy/evil and Cassie is not smart enough to realize that. Maybe she is just wicked naive.

Jake proceeds to kill the Asian shopkeeper (the other witch in town). He dies cool, like he's becoming a candy grape after eating Willy Wonka candy, but instead he dies. Anyway, someone is rounding the kids up. Melissa got chloroformed by a pig and no one even noticed. GAH. I love the realism of this show. Then he gets Diana with a possible pickup line.

Bound in the Bad Way

The groups is tied and bound together in a circle. IRONY! Except this time it will be to their deaths, which is actually unfortunate because the bad guys (Luke, the guy from Teen Wolf) have some crazy righteous reasoning about sin. I am by default rooting for the good guys now. I blame it on Fraility.

Like a banshee, Cassie screams and the glass is broken. Cassie starts a fire with her mind to kill Luke. She is stronger than the others because she has dark magic in her! THAT officially makes me like her. The prospect of good vs. bad is what is appealing about this show and now there is even more direction. I can't wait for Evil!Cassie now. They escape and all is well. Ish.

Adam and Diana! I actually really like this coupling because they aren't just losing a relationship; they are each other's family. Adam really does not want to become his father, has no mother, and Diana is his best friend. I don't really like that he is making it about how much he needs her though because he won't have anyone; at least it sounds like that. It should be about how much he needs Diana and how he wants to make her happy. Diana reminds me of a witchy Blair Waldorf--everything must be perfect; it gives her some depth on a show that seems to be focusing on plot. Approval!

Cassie gets some cool documents, presumably belonging to her father, who was mentioned for two seconds.

Grandma arrives at the cabin finally and she goes down hard. Suspense!

Trick or Treat

Brief description of the costumes: Faye's Little Red Riding Hood, Melissa is like sexy Hermione Granger, Adam is like this skull thing (I wish they would have made him John Connor or a Terminator), Diana is like a scary version of something (she and Adam's costume sort of complimented one another) and Cassie's a 'killer' bee. Ugh. Order of favorites based on nothing but personal preference: Luke (who doubled as a pig/skull face), Diana (no idea why), Faye, Melissa, Adam, Cassie, and Jake--who gets last for nothing. It's Halloween, dude.

Final Take

This show really needs a driving plot behind it to work, honestly. The wake episode annoyed me, but this worked because something else was forcing the plot. And I am genuinely pleased that this show is going into The Vampire Diaries blow after blow. It's a slower burn.

Quotables: "Oh forbidden love. So adorable. Am I interrupting?" "Well isn't this creepy." Faye is really awesome.

"But what else would you use it for? Opening really big letters? Killing people?" Cassie's delivery here actually made me laugh. Heh.

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