'Real World: Back to New Orleans' Premieres Tonight
'Real World: Back to New Orleans' Premieres Tonight
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
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Ten years after the Real World franchise went to New Orleans, it's making a u-turn back to The Big Easy for its 24th season. The cast will reportedly engage in post-Hurricane Katrina activities, but we know mischief and mayhem are always staples in this long-running MTV series. Already, there's that whole my-housemate-scrubbed-the-toilet-with-my-toothbrush debacle.

Which 'Real World' Cast Member Are You?

Says co-creator and executive producer Jon Murray, "Hurricane Katrina threw New Orleans for a punch, but the city is coming back and we're hoping our cast members and the series can play a small role in the city's rebirth."

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The eight cast members, who the eight don't only get to experience Mardi Gras in The Big Easy but also the Saints' Super Bowl victory, are as follows:

Ashlee Feldman, 23 from Collingswood, New Jersey
Eric Patrick, 24 from Northern Virginia
Jemmye Carroll, 22 from Aberdeen Mississippi
McKenzie Coburn, 21 from Jupiter Florida
Preston- Roberson-Charles, 22 from Bay City, Michigan
Ryan Knight, 23 from Kenosha, Wisconsin
Ryan Leslie, 21 from Gilbert, Arizona
Sahar Dika, 21 from Dearborn Heights, Michigan

The Real World: Back to New Orleans
premieres tonight on MTV.

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