'The Real Housewives of Orange County' Recap: Vicki Finally Faces the Rest of the Ladies
'The Real Housewives of Orange County' Recap: Vicki Finally Faces the Rest of the Ladies
Gina Pusateri
Gina Pusateri
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We're six episodes into this season of The Real Housewives of Orange County and all of the 'wives have still yet to be in the same room together at the same time. But they can't avoid it forever. They are, after all, all cast members of the same television show. Tamra and Shannon are going to have to suck it up and deal with Vicki and Kelly at some point. Let's see if we get any closer in this episode, titled "The Sip-N-See Stand Off."

Baby Boutiquing

In this episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Vicki's watching Briana's boys, Troy and Owen, and Vicki says they're a handful. Make that two handfuls. But her new boyfriend, Steve, is actually an experienced grandfather and an all-around pretty good dude, so he's willing to help her out with them. Vicki's glad that she has a boyfriend that she can actually bring her family around for a change.

Meghan decides that she's going to invite all of the ladies to her Sip-N-See party to meet baby Aspen. It's kind of like a shower, only the baby is already there and everyone gets to drink. She tells Vicki she's inviting Tamra and Shannon, and Vicki assures her that she won't misbehave. Meghan says that even though she's inviting Vicki, it doesn't mean she's okay with everything she's done.

Meghan also calls Peggy to invite her, and the conversation is a bit awkward. While Peggy speaks English, she doesn't seem to have all of the nuances and figures of speech down that well. What that means is that there's more than one topic of this conversation that gets lost in translation, but anyway, Peggy says she'll come to the party.

Lydia and Doug meet at a sushi bar, where they're throwing the launch party for their new magazine. Lydia's using the Sip-N-See as a test run before she invites anyone to her launch party. This is her livelihood, and she can't have Shannon in the corner yelling and throwing plates.

Shannon and Tamra go shopping at a baby boutique for a gift for Aspen. They gossip about Vicki and Kelly and how it's good to be seeing them. Shannon insists that she can't be fake, so she's not going out of her way to be nice to Vicki. She also says Kelly is a person who gets a reaction out of her unlike anyone else she knows. So she'd like to get the chance to talk to her before the event.

In another baby boutique in Orange County, Kelly and Vicki go shopping for the same party and gossip about the other two ladies in return. Kelly says that she's made up with Tamra, and Vicki thinks that it's classic Tamra to make up with her just to get back at Vicki. Maybe the old Tamra would have that plan, but doesn't Vicki know that Tamra's been saved? Anyway, Vicki says that she's just going to treat Tamra like she's invisible.

After they're done shopping, Tamra calls Kelly to meet them for smoothies so they can try to iron things out before Meghan's party. Tamra says she doesn't know what to expect of Kelly, but she knows things can't get much worse than their previous encounter.

And Kelly says Shannon never takes any responsibility for her actions, so she's going to have to be the bigger person and apologize first. Whatever it takes, she just wants to be included in the group and make things right.

But Kelly doesn't really apologize. She tells Shannon that the debacle at the Quiet Woman was a miscommunication between her and Lydia, and she definitely wasn't there to cause trouble. But Shannon's got no fight left in her. She agrees to put things to bed with Kelly and just stop fighting and start over fresh.

Kelly tries to get them to forgive Vicki too, but neither of them are budging on that one just yet. Tamra says there's been a lot of hurt and a lot of damage done to not only them but also to their families. Shannon once again talks about her weight gain and blames it on the stress-eating she did after dealing with Vicki. At the end of their smoothie date, at least Kelly hugs both Tamra and Shannon. Shannon says she's glad this happened, but she's still cautious.

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Before they go to Meghan's party, Kelly fills Vicki in on her meeting with Tamra and Shannon. Even though she said they were all good, Kelly tells Vicki that Shannon is still accusing her of being disruptive at the Quiet Woman. She also tells her that Shannon blames her weight gain on Vicki. Of course, Vicki can't believe it. She also says that she wasn't lying when she revealed the elicit rumors about David. She's still claiming that she has the texts, and even pictures, to prove it.

At the party, Kelly continues talking bad about Shannon and Tamra to the other women before they arrive. It's awkward when they do finally get there. The tension between them and Vicki is palpable. Instead of greeting them, Vicki wanders into the kitchen to search for a glass of wine. She says that Tamra and Shannon owe her an apology, but she knows she's never going to get it.

While Meghan opens the gifts for Aspen, the ladies are all just sitting there silently, not wanting to talk to each other. Peggy understands that there's a lot of hurt, but she's lost a father and a mother and breasts, so all of this stuff between the women seems petty.

Shannon says this day proves that she can be in the same room as Vicki. She doesn't feel anger and she doesn't miss her; she just feels absolutely nothing.

At least it went well enough for Lydia to think they'll be able to behave themselves at her event. She extends the invitation because there was no major drama at this event, but that hardly seems like a reason to believe that there will be no embarrassing scenes at the next one.

Vicki and Kelly finally leave, and it's like the toxicity has left too. Tamra says it was awkward, but she has zero respect for this woman. She's been through 10 years of crazy with this person, and it crossed the line as soon as she started talking about her family. Meghan says having Vicki around made her feel anxious too. She has a past with Vicki too, and it's irritating to her that she's acting like the victim. Shannon doesn't think that there's anything that anyone can say or do that's going to make her change her mind.

What do you think? Will anyone ever get through to Vicki? Or Kelly? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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