'The Real Housewives of Orange County' Recap: Tamra's Dinner Party Ends in Bickering, Bullying
'The Real Housewives of Orange County' Recap: Tamra's Dinner Party Ends in Bickering, Bullying
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
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Tamra's party continues to go downhill. Gretchen deals with a medical crisis concerning Slade's son. Eddie isn't eager to walk down the aisle. Vicki's family visits and her brother expresses concern over her living situation. All that and more on tonight's Real Housewives of Orange County

The Dinner Party from Hell Part Two

Tonight's episode picks up right where last week's episode left off: Tamra throws Alexis out of the dinner party and tells Vicki now is her chance to pick a side. Even though it was Vicki who invited Alexis, it is Lydia who goes out to check on her. And her thanks? She gets to listen to Alexis complain about how she's never able to talk to any of the other ladies one on one because inevitably they all jump in. She also tells Lydia that she looked bullying up in the dictionary and the definition she read only served to reinforce her allegations that she is a victim.

Gretchen brings up a valid point when she points out to Vicki that she had to endure negative opinions and accusations regarding her relationship with her late boyfriend Jeff. Gretchen says she chose to attend events and hang out with the women knowing full well what she would be walking into each time. Gretchen says that if Alexis wasn't willing to address all of the issues she was having with the women, she shouldn't have come to the party. I think the problem was simply that Alexis took the invite as a fresh start, while everyone else still had unresolved issues and weren't going to be content to just let bygones be bygones.

Jewish Mary Poppins Heather tries to point out to Tamra, who is on a roll and ready to throw out anyone who crosses her, that she should recognize that Vicki is sticking around, therefore proving herself to be Tamra's friend. Tamra's not buying it and neither is Gretchen. She thinks Tamra should be pissed at Vicki for bringing Alexis whose mere presence has ruined the evening. Vicki tells Gretchen to shush, but Gretchen is going to make the most of this opportunity to stick a good, stiff wedge between Vicki and Tamra.

Outside, Alexis and Lydia try to figure out what action to take next. Alexis doesn't want Lydia to feel obligated to leave, but Lydia seems eager to excuse her tiny self from the festivities, hop in the limo and escape into the dark cover of night. Lydia returns to the lion's den to figure out whether Vicki plans to stay or go. 

After behaving like a complete Judas, Vicki finally heads out to the car to talk to Alexis who is now in tears. She's upset with Vicki and questions her as to why, after inviting her, she just sat there and didn't come to her defense. Maybe Vicki is just so pumped to the brim with fillers and Botox, she wasn't capable of making any sudden movements. Vicki's lame excuse is that she's trying to understand where everybody's anger is coming from and she's trying to fix it. All of a sudden, Vicki wants to be neutral. I think she may have had a lobotomy when she got her facelift. 

Tamra, wine glass in hand, decides to head out to the car. She stands nearby eavesdropping as Lydia tries to explain that arguing and allowing others who are angry to express their points of view isn't really bullying. But she does feel that Tamra behaved ungraciously. Alexis has now gone into full drama queen mode and insists like a small child, that she is a victim of bullying. She reveals that  the emotional and mental toll has led to her taking Xanax. I think she needs to up her dosage and not because the other women are bitchy. Tamra bids Alexis adieu and heads back to her party. Lydia and Vicki come in to say quick goodbyes which just turns into more bickering. They finally get out of there with Lydia the only one of the three on better terms with the ladies then when they arrived.

Slade and the City

We learned during last week's episode that Slade's son Grayson, who viewers haven't seen since Slade and Jo were a couple, is ill and was getting ready to undergo surgery in New York. It turns out the surgery was not a success, and Gretchen decides to head to NYC to lend support to Slade. Apparently, his son as been battling some form of cancer from a very young age. All of a sudden, Gretchen has an epiphany about how trivial all the "housewife" crap is when compared to a gravely-ill child.

The Wedding Planner

Enjoying an evening out, Eddie brings up the wedding. Someone better get this man some socks because he seems like he might be getting cold feet.  He tells Tamra he doesn't know anything about planning a wedding but then says he doesn't have time to plan one. Well, if he doesn't know anything about it, how does he know whether organizing the affair will take a lot of time or not? He then asks Tamra if it would be a problem to put it off until they know it won't be a source of stress. Nice try Eddie. All weddings are stressful and with a bride as high-maintenance as Tamra is sure to be, he's a fool if he thinks otherwise. Tamra states their original plan was to be engaged for a year, it has been seven months at this point in filming, and she's pissed about his attitude.

All in the Family

Vicki's family comes for a visit and to meet baby Troy for the first time. There is at least one family member who isn't completely opposed to Brooks, Vicki's brother Billy. Otherwise Vicki's outspoken family make no attempt to hide the fact that they wish Vicki and Don were still married. In what seems like an attempt to get Vicki to consider reconciliation, her siblings tell her dating is harder in California than anywhere else because so many of the men are gay. Interesting.

Briana's husband Ryan sits down and gives Billy the scoop on Brooks. He tells Billy a story about how Briana, himself, Brooks and Vicki traveled to Mexico and  while they were there, Brooks entertained the idea of hiring a prostitute. Ryan makes it clear that Brooks is not welcome in the house at any time, despite Vicki's protests. Ryan has even installed security cameras mainly to "keep creeps away." Okay, that's a little bit overkill in a gated community as sedate as Coto de Caza. No wonder Vicki feels she's sacrificed some of her privacy in return for being able to have a relationship with her daughter and grandson.

Vicki and her brother meet up with Vicki's son Michael who makes his first appearance this season. They get together at a restaurant close to where Michael lives, but he refuses to disclose the exact location to his mother. Conversation turns to how long Briana and Ryan will be living with Vicki. Billy isn't pleased at the control that Ryan exercises in her home. Michael is on friendlier terms with Brooks but admits that he is content to keep the relationship superficial. He's surprised by how vehemently opposed to the match Briana and Ryan are.

The sh*t is about to hit the fan where Brooks is concerned. Lydia has turned out to be a very down-to-earth and enjoyable addition to the cast. She's smart enough to see through Alexis's line of crap. It's about time they threw another sensible brunette into the mix to help balance out all of the blonde crazies.

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